those poor boys worked hard all day

After arriving at 9am, they finally departed at just after 5pm.

They sweated their way through installing four new water heaters, working in an enclosed area with little to no airflow on a hot, muggy, March day.

They had plenty of water with them and I offered icy cold pepsis which were gratefully accepted.

Check this out! Six stars.
That's a high energy rating, the best I've seen.

Connected, switched on....

fully operational.
We have hot water.
I celebrated by washing some dishes......really! I did!
Then I had a lovely hot shower.


  1. Well of course you needed a nice hot shower after doing those dishes. Those water heaters do look very efficient and bless those hard workers who installed them. Similar to our weather in Perth so wouldn't have been very pleasant for them.

  2. Hi River,

    Celebrated by washing dishes?


    Want to come to Manchester and wash mine?




  3. Much more efficient than the 'old girl' though certainly not as picturesque.

  4. Wooohooooooo!

    So glad you had a nice hot shower

  5. Mimsie; I'd thought of showering first, but reasoned I'd be getting sweaty washing the dishes, so did those first.

    Plasman; I actually like washing dishes, although it's not as much fun in this current heatwave.

    Delores; a lot more efficient. I don't think the old girl was all that picturesque, not with the rotting old hoses and pipes.

    Blossom; that's what I said.

  6. Six star energy rating! Wow. Brilliant. And it just shows how nice you are that you gave the plumbers cold drinks. I hope they finished yours first.

  7. YAY new water heaters. Could you kindly send the nice plumbers here to fix my lack of cold water pressure. Kthnks.

  8. I can't imagine the cost but I'm so glad it's just done and over, finally. How is your internet??

  9. When I read your “...we all remember the oldest water heater known to man?” post and browsed all the pictures of the old heater, I felt happy because finally the time of its retirement has come. Anyway, the new heater looks great, and with that 6 stars, you all be assured that it will last for a long time. The nice hot shower is definitely a treat for you after waiting for the heater to be fixed.

    --->Levi Eslinger


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