what I saw from my front porch yesterday

The famous Roulettes, doing their thing before the Jet does his show, right before the main race of our Clipsal 500 car show.

I got these by zooming in as much as I could, then listening carefully to determine which direction they'd be showing from.
Luckily, I live in a quiet street.

My neighbour-across-the-driveway, who has about a zillion cameras,
took photos so close you could see the pilots inside the cockpits.

Then it was time for the jet, so I came inside, shut the door and put my earplugs in.
That plane is too loud for me!


  1. Now THAT is cool...your own private air show.

  2. I really liked the third photo. Have you just started putting your blog name on your photos, or have I not noticed before?

  3. That's exactly the way I take pictures of the blue herons; I cannot see them in the viewfinder either because it's too light or too dark.

    Nice job. And until I took a good squint, I thought you'd hired an advertising plan to fly your banner across the sky.

  4. You are clever to put your blog name on your photos. And I am with you about the noise of the Jet - way, way too loud.
    The Roulette photos were wonderful. Thank you.

  5. They did a show over Whyalla a while back and I saw them at the Jamestown air show last year. Ive got hundreds of great photos but what do you do with them....

  6. Delores; I watch them every year if I'm able. Next year I may go into town early, with my earplugs and see if I can get closer shots.

    Andrew; I've been putting my blog name on the photos for several weeks now. Usually the photos are darker and the name can't be easily seen.

    Joanne Noragon; it's tricky getting them in the view finder, they move so fast. An advertising plane to fly my banner? Now there's a good idea.....

    Elephant's Child; The name is so that others can't "borrow" my photos and claim them as their own. I love the Roulettes and watch them every year. I hope to get closer photos next year.

    Tempo; hundreds of photos? hmmmm, maybe you could wallpaper your lounge room with them? Or sell them at a market stall.

  7. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos. Quite a show they put on for you.
    Not sure how you put your name on your photos but then there are so many things I don't know about blogging.

  8. My photos collection shows 14,000 photos since I bought this machine two years ago now. Ive got an untold amount stored on discs...lots of discs

  9. Mimsie; if you have a "paint" program you can do this too. In your pictures files (I hope you have some photos stored...) select a photo that you won't mind losing in case you stuff it up, right click on it and see if you get an option to "open with" and a drop down menu. If yes the drop down menu might have "paint" so select that and the picture will open in the paint program. This is where I do my resizing, so that picasa doesn't have a hissy fit over too many big pictures. anyway along the top of the photo is a series of options that you can click on to play around and see what happens, that's fun, one of them is a capital A in a box, click on that, then move your cursor to the spot on you photo where you wish to put your name, click on the spot and a broken line box appears, then just type your name and it goes in the box. Then save the image via another drop down menu, mine is from a tiny down facing arrow near the top left, I save as a jpeg image, maybe a friend over there could help you find them, I don't know what your screen looks like. "Paint" is usually one of the programs already built into a computer.

    Tempo; that's a lot of pictures. A LOT!! I haven't put any of mine to disc yet, I keep telling myself I will....

  10. Oh, how neat! Your pictures are terrific. (Geez, is your neighbor an undercover agent?)

  11. I love watching the Roulettes! They flew over our work a couple of years ago & all I had with me was my phone so the photos were pretty ordinary. Never mind I just put the phone away & enjoyed the show :)


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