Culinary Science 101

As stated by Dr Sheldon Cooper, (of The Big Bang Theory)

"in a properly constructed sandwich", (ham, tomato, cucumber)

lettuce, yum.

"the cheese",

"is adjacent to the bread",

"to form a moisture barrier against the lettuce". 

Let's eat!


  1. Perfecto. 'Nuf said, let's bite it.

  2. Never thought of it like that - no more soggy Welsh sandwiches here then. Looks delicious.

  3. Makes sense to me!! I often spread a very thin layer of butter under mayonnaise on a sandwich for the same reason, especially when I'm packing a lunch.

  4. I am with Rose. Hold the cucumber. (And the ham.)
    One of my brothers used to make cheese and tomato sandwhiches without bread, putting the tomato between two slices of cheese.

  5. Leave off the lettuce just not a fan of it.

  6. Add some avocado while you are at it. :-)

  7. Delores; of course he is.

    Joanne; I did. I bit deeply.

    joeh; there's three slices on there. But they're tin. If I was cutting my own ham off the bone they'd be thicker like ham steaks.

    Molly; so often someone tells us something and we're astounded that we didn't think of it because it makes so much sense.

    Rose~from OZ; no cucumber for you? More for me.

    fishducky; I spread butter on everything. Even peanut butter gets a butter base. Fresh, fresh bread, real butter then peanut butter. Yum.

    Lee; coming right up, lunch is at noon, how far away are you?

    Elephant's Child; even more cucumber for me and I'll put your ham on joeh's sandwich.I've done that too, but with two thick slices off the Christmas ham, tomato in between.

    Merle; no lettuce, got it.

    mm; you can have the avocado all to yourself.

  8. Rather a lot of cheese. I don't miss the soggy sandwiches of my childhood.

  9. I'm only about 12 inches away, River...from my monitor! :)

  10. Dontcha love Sheldon???

    That sandwich looks... good enough to eat!

  11. It took me a while to figure this sandwich making procedure out, but it really does prevent soggy bread! Fun post!

  12. Hold the cucumbers. I put the lettuce next to the bread that has Miracle Whip on it. The MW keeps the lettuce from falling out. I usually use salad greens, so they are broken. Now, I am hungry.

  13. Andrew; I like cheese. I didn't use that whole block pictured there, just enough slices to cover the bread. I use it as part of my daily calcium allowance since I don't drink milk.

    Lee; you need to get a whole lot closer to Adelaide than that!

    Susan; it was good enough to eat! I could have had two, but my jeans are a little tight, I can't button the waist.

    Susan F; there's nothing worse than soggy bread!

    Linda; More cucumber for me. You don't want my thoughts on miracle whip. I butter my bread, so without the cheese the lettuce would probably still stick. Mostly. Or some of it at least.

  14. ... great sandwich, River....
    ..can't beat the Sheldon Logic... :)
    . I like toast with just a smear of honey and sliced cheese on top..... yummy.. and the cheese sticks to the toast...
    Hugs and Blessings ... Barb xxx

  15. Barbara; it was a great sandwich and I think I'll have another one for lunch tomorrow. I don't think I'd like honey and cheese together. I only use honey for cups of tea.


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