Sunday Selections # 196

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to me, River, somewhere in your post
3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in and can come over and see what you've posted.
4. hop on over to TheElephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.

Andrew, Jacki K and Kakka often join in.

I usually go with a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week I am showing you a bunch of boring stuff: things within easy reach of where I sit for most of the day.

on the left, just a small stretch over the laptop: hand cream, notebooks, crossword puzzle, glasses case, bus timetables (don't know what they are doing there)
just over the edge of the table is the coffee table, part of it is pushed under the table so I can put my feet up on it. Here we have tissues, it's hayfever season, I have tissues everywhere! TV remote, phone, (it's a nice little phone, just sits there quietly, never interrupting me), a magazine I bought for the Christmas baking recipes and have since decided I won't bother with. I'll just make my usual mince pies.

left of the keyboard is my kindle, (her name is Kaylee), one of my most precious things, (after family of course) always handy to read when web pages are too slow to load, in the background is one of my asthma inhalers. 

the screen on the kindle. Whenever I turn it to sleep mode a different image appears. Some of them are authors, one is rows of different fish! 
In the side pocket there you'll see a mini UBD of Adelaide, this comes in handy if anyone asks me where XYZ street is.

right behind my chair is a bookshelf with sticky tape, a small set of drawers with things like pens, textas, pencil sharpener and erasers, there's a lamp on there and my old landline phone which isn't connected, but it looks nice.

and there are my dictionaries and thesauruses, so handy for crossword puzzles and also for finding alternative meanings for some of the words Delores issues each Wednesday for her writing challenge.

the ever present waste bin, which I'd better empty soon or Angel will have the contents all over the floor, and look, a little peek at my stripey sock.

the shelf under the coffee table holds baskets full of more notebooks, puzzles books, and the street directory is in there somewhere too, the one on the end is junk mostly.

right in front, in easy reach of my mouth, is lunch, vanilla yoghurt with sliced banana.Yum.

one of my treasured possessions, my laptop. His name is Harvey.
Treasured, but not as addictive as it has been, I'm finding it quite easy to leave it turned off.

assorted bits and pieces, mug full of pens, which reads:
"Kaylee's Spaceship Engine Repair. We can fix anything, guaranteed. Besides if we mess up it's not like you'll be around to yell at us!"
 empty water bottle, Wite-Out (that's how it is spelled on the front)corrector tape, because I do my crosswords and code breakers in pen, the inhaler, my calculator.

often there's an empty coffee mug too, but usually I move those to the kitchen pretty quickly so Angel doesn't knock them off the table.

What sort of things do you keep within arm's reach?



  1. Love it. Books, my glasses, a coffee cup (in which I have tea) and tissues. And the cats put themselves within arms reach as well. Too often ON the book or newspaper I am foolish enough to think I can read...

  2. You make me feel quite desk here where I spend a lot of my time with Edgar is not as neat as your area! Edgar, of course, is my computer.

    Tissues I don't buy or use...toilet paper servers many purposes.

    Along with my Oxford dictionary (the one I've had since high's almost as ancient as I am), my Roget's Thesaurus (bought in 1963) have pride of place on my desk, along with an Italian dictionary, Oxford Quick Quote, Oxford Humorous Quotes, Good English, University English/Spanish, Literary Terms and a couple of other much much more....and many notebooks all filled with notes, ideas, jottings etc., etc., et al...and that's only the beginning!!!! I might have to do a spring clean!

    I hope you and Angel have a great week, River. :)

  3. Glasses need to always be close by for me. Your Kindle looks quite advanced, with its keypad. I bought a small street directory to carry when I was out exploring. Shortly after I bought a new phone and Google Maps made the directory redundant. Even though it was small, it was a bit heavy to carry, but yours would not be as large as Adelaide is smaller.

  4. My goodness, I have as much as you do--volume wise.

  5. You've pretty much got everything you need within reach. What do I at my computer desk I have my computer and notebook, kindle, books, lamp, pens, pencils, tape, file folders, cds, salt lamp, calendars, phone, camera, account books.......probably just as much as you do if not more. We are pack rats aren't we?

  6. ... I love your set-up River ... I would be quite at home there.....
    I have 2 places ... one is my dining room table, which I share with mum...we have a side each :)
    She reads the paper on her side and I 'computer' on my side...and we play Yahtzee after lunch here... we share a tray that has our pens, pencils etc. in containers... our eye drops and my note paper, Yahtzee sheets, nail files and on mum's side she has jars of lollies and there is a box of tissues. I like to have crossword books handy.. I use a pencil with a rubber on the end because I like it to look 'neat' when I finish... (OCD) .. xxx
    Hugs... Barb xx

  7. You are much neater than me, my house is neat and tidy but my desk is a mess most of the time.

  8. I loved just seeing your little area of life. So important, so interesting. I think it's such a good idea that I just might do the same. I love my Kindle. It is glutted full of books I've read and books I will read. Such a luxury and I don't need bookshelves.

  9. Elephant's Child; I had that very problem this morning. Angel was sound asleep so I dared to open the Sunday paper, about halfway through he jumped up and plonked himself down right across it,so I gave him his chin scratches and cheek rubs, then booted him off and I went outside to water and prune roses.

    Lee; I pushed aside some stuff to make the photos look better! I stick with tissues because they're cheaper, I buy the $100 boxes, besides, Angel has learned to leave the tissue box alone, but a toilet roll is fair game.
    I have my daughter's high school dictionary, used so much it is held together with duct tape.

    Andrew; the mini UBD isn't a directory, it is a fold out map with Adelaide City and North Adelaide on one side and all the suburbs on the other side with only main roads named. The kindle has a keyboard because that model was on sale when I was shopping for a kindle so I saved about $30, but I never use the keyboard. I do use the button that allows me to change the font size, if any of the books on there has small print, I can enlarge it.

    Joanne; it's efficiency at its best, everything near at hand.

    Delores; not pack rats, just efficient, keeping everything handy so we don't waste time going to get it.

    Barbara; I like my crosswords to look neat too, but I do them in pen anyway. I do easy ones so I don't make many mistakes.

    Merle; my desk gets messy at times, usually when I push everything together to make room for my dinner plate, and stuff builds up until I start losing notes and newspaper clippings, then I spring clean it.

    lotta joy; it's nice to get a glimpse now and again, see how other people do things.

  10. You certainly have command central set up, everything you need within easy reach. Perfect I'd say. Thanks for sharing. I love getting glimpses into blog friends lives. xxx

  11. How fun to see the radius of your day. I love the idea of your screen saver - surprising you with a new image each time - and it never occurred to me to use Wite Out on a crossword puzzle - inspired!

  12. Kakka; it helps a lot to have everything close when I have a hot water bottle jammed between my chair and me, it's awkward trying to reposition it if I have to get up for stuff.

    Marty Damon; I've had people mention they wouldn't like to see dead authors on their screen, (Jane Austen is there) but they don't see the similarity when I point out they're happy to watch dead actors on TV and movies. But that's different they say. *~*
    I think wite-out is neater then erasers and they don't work on pen anyway.


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