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Friday, December 30, 2011

a lizard in your home is lucky, right?

I've heard it said that lizards in the home are lucky.
In particular, geckos.

I had plenty of geckos at my last home, mostly outside, but occasionally one would find its way inside.
There were plenty of skinks too.

Here in this new home, I haven't seen a single gecko or a skink either.
But I heard odd noises from the front porch late last Saturday afternoon and went out to see what the heck was going on out there.
I saw a blue tongue lizard trying to hide under the "gecko house".
Probably just after a bit of shade I suppose.
Naturally I raced for the camera and hoped he'd still be there when I got back with it.

He was.

It was a hot day here in Adelaide, so after taking this photo, I put a small dish of water within reach for him, then left him alone.
He's disappeared now, living somewhere in the gardens, and he wasn't in my home, just on the front porch, but I still think I'm lucky just for having seen him at all.


  1. A little gift from the universe.

  2. Very lucky. And even luckier that he/she posed so nicely for your camera.

  3. It's like he is trying to hide under something not quite big enough.

  4. oh you lucky thing to get the photo - he is gorgeous - I would have been thrilled too.
    I have many skinks and when I put drops of water near them I love it that they drink them and then turn up their little pointy faces at me as if to say WTF?
    I hope your Bluey stays SAFE. x x x

  5. Delores; It's nice when the universe sends a little gift.

    EC; I think he was just afraid to move while I was watching.

    Andrew; The gecko house is small, and close to the ground too. I shoiuld raise it a little so he can fit under better if he returns.

    Ann O'Dyne; I think you're very lucky to actually see them drinking!! I always just left tiny bowls of water all over the yard in shady spots.

  6. He/she was probably looking for a bit of shade to cool off or hide from a predator :-).

  7. You must be a healthy garden environment to have such a handsome visitor :)

  8. Not sure if they're lucky, I get them inside, even had one in the shower once and had to rescue it with a tubular post pack but they're pretty awesome.

  9. He's a spunk - love the 'ol blue tongues. He'll come back and visit you again, I'm sure.

  10. Happy Elf Mom; isn't it just!

    Windsmoke; I'd say looking for shade, or maybe just exploring.

    Jayne; I think it must be, there's a lot of birds here too, magpies, sparrows, wood pigeons and more recently I've been seeing a willy-wagtail!

    Baino; I think the geckos are the lucky ones, but I haven't seen any around here yet. I don't think I'd like the bluey to come inside.

    Kath Lockett; I hope I do see him again, I quite like lizards.

  11. Hi River,

    I love the fact that you can get a lizard in your house. Here in Manchester the closest I get is a frog - and that is only when the cats bring them in.

    Don't you just love Australia?




  12. wow, how lucky you are to see him! We have an abundance of geckos here in our shed...I hope they don't follow us to the house lol

  13. These things can become quite tame if you leave a little water for them. They like dog food to, the canned stuff and of course will rid your yard of snails, insects, strawberries and geckos..

  14. We have had a lot of blueys around since the weather finally warmed up. Luckily the dogs ignore them, and the kids just want to look, so they're pretty safe in our yard, but I hate seeing them squashed on the road!

  15. Plasman; frogs are the one thing I've never seen in my yard - in any of my yards and I've lived all over...I do love Australia.

    Farmer's Wifey; I miss seeing the geckos that I had in my old home, you'd be lucky to have a few follow you into the house, they'll eat insects for you.

    Tempo; I've heard they like dog food, but I'm afraid to put any out on my tiny front porch because it will attract ants and I certainly don't want those in my house! I could put some in the garden if I knew where he was living, but then again, the magpies would get into it too.

    Toni; I imagine there's more than one living in this complex, there's quite a lot of garden space around most of the blocks of flats and it's all been freshly mulched.

  16. Hope you have lots of snails in your garden for it to feast on. If not, give him some meaty cat food or some egg, you'll have him for life.

  17. Does anybody know why this lizards visits this particular place everyday. I have an orange picture and a table calendar and this lizard, I think is a male comes and there all the time. Don't know why. Took it out but keeps coming back

  18. they are lovely creatures... i have one of them as pet

  19. I just saw one outside on the wall. I moved in to this house 3 week ago. I feel bad that I tried to chase it away but I missed it and ran back inside. After reading here I feel bad for trying to hit it. Earlier today I received an email that my application for the job I applied for was unsuseccesful I was not sad .I'm happy to have a new house and today still someone offered to buy my previous house with a higher price than I expected. I wonder what the Lizard mean.