baked beans....not so nice anymore

When I was a little kid there was nothing I liked better than baked beans with toast for dinner.
When I was older, I still liked them and served them up for dinner quite a lot.
Just ask my kids, who now hate them with a fiery passion.
(They probably hated them then too......)

I got home from work and made a huge chocolate milkshake and after guzzling that down I had a nap on the couch.
As you do.
I woke up hungry and decided on baked beans with toast for dinner.

The beans were disappointing. The flavour was fine, but the beans themselves weren't so nice.
Too many of them were hard little nubbins.
This has been happening for years now, across all brands that I've tried.
What's up with the beans??

They're beans, not beads!! 
We're supposed to eat them, not string necklaces....

Of course after such a disappointing dinner, (the toast was lovely), one just has to have dessert.
So I did.
Cherries. Sweet juicy cherries.
I bit into one and sprayed juice clear across the coffee table.
Now that's what I call juicy.


  1. I haven't noticed that with the beans. Have you tried Clarks deep browned?

  2. I am not a fan of baked beans. They are all too sweet for me. The same goes for canned spaghetti.

  3. Baked beans have always been horrible.
    Have you considered making your own?

  4. I LOVE baked beans, but only while they're HOT.

  5. I'm right there with you on this one. I hadn't eaten them for years but on a whim I bought a can of the best ones and had them with toast... YUK! I cant believe I ever liked them. I just cant see myself eating them again..(until I forget how bad they were)

  6. so many things just arent the same anymore.

  7. I've been eating baked beans on toast since i was a little tacker and still do today yummmy. These days i add a teaspoon of either Minced Garlic, Hot Chillies, Hot Cayenne Pepper, Hot Cajun or Basil these spices really bring out the flavour of the beans :-).

  8. Hmmm, that's quite a combination for your stomach to deal with, River - chocolate milk, then beans, then cherries...!

    (I don't think I'll mention that combination to Sapphire right now:) )

  9. Hi River,

    I blame the chocolate milk - URRGGHH!!

  10. Oh dear, so many things I used to eat that I don't eat any more. On my list of only to eat if really, really hungry are baked beans, canned spag and rabbit.
    The biggest disappointment of all "used to like" treats was dripping on toast. Disgusting. Not even if I was really, really, really hungry.

    But Windsmoke's suggestion of spicing the beans up sounds pretty good.

  11. mmmmmmm baked beans in ham sauce. Haven't had them in ages! Sad that they may be disappointing.

    And cherries mean Christmas!

  12. Delores; we don't have that brand out here in Aus. it's Heinz or SPC or the generic (awful) supermarket brands.

    EC; I'll be giving them up now, as soon as I finish off the last few cans. Or maybe I'll just toss (donate) them.

    no-one; no way. That's way too much trouble. I'll find something else to eat with my toast.

    Toni; I like them, but I'm too often disappointed to find the beans are hard, like they haven't been cooked enough before being canned or maybe they're just poor quality beans.

    Tempo; I've noticed a deterioration in quality over time and this is just the end for me.

    peskypixies; too true. The almighty dollar has taken over and we're flooded with quantity, but not quality.

    Windsmoke; I've added flavours in the past, although I do like them plain as well. It's the hardness of the beans I'm objecting to.

    Kath Lockett; There was more than an hour between the milkshake and the beans, almost two hours. Still would have been okay if the beans were tender, not like marbles.

    Plasman; homemade chocolate milkshake, nothing wrong there....

    FruitCake; I've never liked dripping on toast or bread. My dad and sister used to love it, but not beef dripping; in our house it was lard with a sprinkle of salt. Known as schmaltz and saltz, we're German you see....

    Kelley@magnetoboldtoo; if you can find a brand that has beans not BEADS, go for it. Rotten HARD little so and sos....another childhood favourite bites the dust.

  13. That feeling of hunger comes suddenly after you wake up from a nap and I do like beans. Now, I always make my own, soaked over night and cooked in a slow oven in a bean pot, so they taste good.
    BUT ... when I was young, during the depression, we had a can of Van Camps beans and white Wonder bread for many a meal. To this day, a bean sandwich is my comfort food.
    We could eat our beans and bread together if we lived a continent closer. Ha

  14. "As you do."

    I laughed at that.

    I've not had that problem with the baked beans, so I wonder about the brand. I dont' care for Van Camp's, as I find them too sweet, but Bush's Baked Beans? Yum...


  15. Manzanita; that's another brand we don't have out here in Aus. I've never made my own baked beans, it seems like a lot of trouble for just a small bowl of beans.

    Pearl; Bush's baked beans. One more brand that I haven't seen in Australia. I'm going to have to shop around I think and see if I can find some that aren't Heinz or SPC.

  16. I've now got a simple recipe that tastes GREAT! Fry up an onion & a couple rashers of bacon. Add a cup of chunky tomato passata, 1 dsp golden syrup & 1 tsp smoked paprika. Simmer for 5 mins until thick, then add a can of drained cannelini beans. Heat through & top with some parsley. Makes about two cans worth of baked beans. Enjoy!


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