just for you Kath, the visual

last year's mince pies>>>>

This was the final batch I "trialled" last Novenber. There's always a trial, for taste testing purposes, of course, and to check the oven times and temperatures.
This year for the first time, I didn't bother with the trial, just couldn't be bothered.
Maybe my subconscious was reminding me of all the trials I ate last year.....


  1. I'd always been big on fruit mince til the year I bought some mince pies from a supermarket. I know they bake months in advance, but mouldy mince can put one off.
    Yours look so yummy I could seriously retrain my stomach...

  2. I *remember* those from last year, River :)

    Are this batch just as pretty?

  3. They look delish - I would love one right now with my earl grey tea!

  4. They look just as yummmy now as they did last year :-).

  5. Christine; yes indeed!

    FruitCake; apparently the Coles Brand mince pies are also good, they were featured on a TV program or somewhere I heard from friends today. You could try those this year.

    Kath Lockett; yes, this year's batch is just as pretty and tasty.

    Dianne; just reach into your screen and help yourself....

    Rubye Jack; they are very yummy.

    Windsmoke; yummy with three "m's" ...that's yummmy alright!

    EC; yes, I am. (looks smug)


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