christmas has gone to my head...

This is one of the two caps that I wear at work in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Highly decorated I am. Well, my head is, what with the earrings and all.

Christmas tree at the back,

Bells and bows on either side,

Googly eyed reindeer at the front, one on either side.

The cap I've left in my locker at work has the same tinsel hiding the seams, but different decorations.
For that one I've used enamelled brooches of holly and berries; a green wreath, a gold tree with coloured stones representing baubles; a stocking.
But not all at once, the cap gets too heavy that way, as I discovered a couple of Christmases ago.
I change the brooches with each wearing of the cap.



  1. Nothing like festive head gear to set the tone at work...ho ho ho.

  2. Wow. I have some earrings shaped like Christmas ornaments that flash. Your hat(s) leave them in the shade though.

  3. That is the most festive hat I have ever seen!

    Maybe I should come to your shop because mine is too busy:)

  4. Went shopping in Coles this morning and no one was wearing a cap like that which is sad really i rather like it :-).

  5. Cute! You have to be the most festive employee everr! :)

  6. Delores; I'm disappointed that I seem to be the only checkout person wearing anything Christmassy. In previous years, the company supplied us with the caps, the t-shirts and aprons. This year we were told we could wear our own Christmassy t-shirts, but I no longer have mine, so I opted for the caps which I kept from a few years back.

    EC; I featured a picture of my Christmas earring collection in a post last year, I'll put them up again so that you can see them. I don't have any that flash, I think that would annoy me.

    Sarah, yes, come shopping! We're not at all busy....(insert maniacal laugh)

    Windsmoke; I'm disappointed too, I seem to be the only one here at my Coles.

    Happy Elf Mom; thanks. The boss likes the cap too, he's told me twice.

  7. You are awesome. The bestest check out chick ever. No contest!


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