Decaf December and a couple of other things

First; Decaf December.

Melissa at Suger Coat It has decided to go caffeine free for the month of December and has invited anyone else to join in if they want to. I thought I'd give it a try. I only have one coffee a day, (on working days), giving that up can't be too hard, surely?

I didn't read her post until late yesterday evening, so yesterday was a complete washout, since I'd had a coffee within minutes of getting home from work.
I made up my mind to start my December Decaf today.

Ha Ha! Major slip-up in the early hours of this morning, when I woke at 4.30,  made my usual cup'a'java and took it back to bed to drink while I finished the book I'd been reading. The wee hours of the morning on days that I'm not working are perfect for this as I can snuggle back down and sleep again when my eyes just won't stay open another minute. This is a habit I'm going to have to break if I want to do a whole caffeine free month.

Keeping in mind that the caffeine I'm alluding to is only coffee. I'm fully aware that other foods contain caffeine, but I don't know what a lot of them are. There's chocolate.....which I am not giving up....and tea.....I only drink herbal teas...........
So today is another complete washout and I'll try starting over tomorrow. I'll make it a full month by taking the decaffeinating to January 3rd.

Moving on;  something I find a little disturbing. 
Mobile phones in toilets.

Earlier this morning I was in a Ladies restroom when I heard a phone ringing. There was a scuffling noise which I assume was the woman rummaging around in her bag for the phone, then she answered it. While she was peeing!  While I was washing my hands, the woman came out, still talking on her phone that she'd tucked under her chin/neck/shoulder area and proceeded to wash her hands, then dry them, as you do, because toilets are germy places. Especially public toilets. I'm pretty sure these people don't also wash or otherwise sanitise their mobile phones.

There have been other incidents. Even at work, I've heard women answering their phones while doing whatever it is they do inside the cubicle.
Aside from the germ factor, (it's public toilets we're talking about and not everybody washes their hands..), does anyone consider the person at the other end of that phone call?

Now I can only speak for myself here, but when I'm phoning someone, what I don't want to hear in the background is peeing, pooping, flushing, handwashing.  Not from the person answering the phone, nor from people in neighbouring cubicles.
Surely nothing is so important that it can't wait the two or three minutes that it takes to finish up and get outside the restroom?
The same applies to people who go into a restroom cubicle and dial their phones for a nice long conversation as soon as they sit down.  (do they realise that anyone else in there can hear every word they're saying? Even without actively listening?)
Do they think about germ transfer from hands to phone? 
Fingers that wipe your bum, (yes, I'm getting really personal here), then continue to hold that phone, perhaps even finishing a call and straight away dialling another may then go out and wash your hands, but what about the phone? I'm guessing it doesn't even get a wipeover with an antibacterial wipe. Do your kids play with your phone? Your babies? Toddlers who still put everything in their mouths?

The other thing that has disturbed me?
Yesterday's front page on the Advertiser, Adelaide's daily newspaper.

$90,000 pay rise for the PM.
That's not her pay, that's her pay rise.
No wonder her smile is as wide as the Great Australian Bite Bight.


  1. I am with you on the phones in loos things. What did these people do before mobiles were invented/cheap enough for everyone.
    Re the PM's pay rise. Yes it is a lot. However she still gets paid less than Telstra's CEO and most of the bank CEO's (if not all), the heads of most companies and I know whose job I think is more important. I would be happy for ALL of them to take a pay cut.

  2. My sisters talk to me while they are on the toilet. I hate it and will not do it myself.

    I've given up caffeine before and see no reason to do it again. The only difference I noticed was that I was not drinking any tasty, tasty coffee!!

  3. Most people seem to think if the phone rings it MUST be answered no matter what the degree of danger/inconvenience/noise/in-appropriateness (if that's a word!)or rudeness to the a) people they're with and b) caller. I like to have time when I'm NOT available! And the phone is for MY convenience! But that's just me ...

  4. I barely use my mobile, it's more out of charge and credit than on, I prefer carrier pigeons, they don't bother you on the loo.
    Good luck with the Decaf December!

  5. Mobiles in! (Ooh Yuk!)
    Pay increase for the PM while at the same time expecting everyone else to take a pay freeze..NO!
    Give up coffee..not a chance of that..but then, since you only have the one cup anyway..

  6. Phones in toilets. Must be a girl thing.

  7. I'm with you on the phone thing. My daughter is bad for that and I've told her off more than once, hung up and let her think about it.
    As for the pay raise, that's more than the hubs and I bring in together (both before and after retirement).

  8. EC; I often wonder what older generations think of us, being constantly connected the way most of us are. It really is too much when we can't even pee in peace. My mobile NEVER goes into a toilet with me.
    The pays of bank managers are obscene. No-one needs that much money per year.

    Sarah; hang up on them. I thought I'd try the decaf thing as a way to cut my sugar intake. I only have the one coffee, except on weekends when I'll have two or three a day, but I have a lot of sugar in them.

    Red Nomad; I have lots of times when I'm not available. I don't always answer the phone either. if it's important enough, they'll call back or leave me a text message which I'll read later.

    Jayne; I don't like the carrier pigeons because they wait on the line and drop nasty things on the clean sheets....but I don't use my mobile all that much either. Mostly text messages and even those not every day. Today I sent a message to "no-one" for the first time since Tuesday.

    Tempo; just once I'd like to see the "little worker" get a decent pay rise without having to first negotiate through the unions for six months and at the end getting a measly 30 cents per hour more. All of which, (and more) is eaten up in cost of living rises.

    Andrew; I suppose it must be a girl thing. Probably because we sit and have both hands free...

    Delores; remind her how germy the phone could be by now, she's putting her health at risk. The PM's pay rise is four and a half years of my income.

  9. I've been caffeine free for about 2years and i've found i sleep better. Mobile phones in toilets no way yuk! :-).

  10. Caffeine is one of the four main food groups, along with fat, flour and sugar. Please consider your health before taking such a giant leap.
    Phones... oh dear. It is only a matter of time before I see two people standing side by side texting each other.
    I've never understood people's need to know who rang, and agree that if it's important they can text or call back later.
    The silliest thing is people talking on phones in a loud voice about personal things and then closing the conversation with "don't tell anyone, will you?"
    As for people who don't wash their hands... erch.

  11. Hi, my name is Robert, I could make $90,000 a year, but I've given up crime.

  12. Nope. Can't do Decaf December. Can't. Won't. Shan't!!

  13. Windsmoke; I've found I sleep better if I have my coffee by 4pm at the latest.

    FruitCake; I only have one coffee a day on workdays, and it's instant, so not at all strong, I don't see that giving it up would hurt me. If I gave up the other three, the fat flour and sugar, I could be in trouble....I might start wasting away...become a shadow of my former self.

    R.H. crime would bring you $90,000 a year? And they say crime doesn't pay!

    Kath Lockett; It's beginning to look as if I can't either. Hangs head in shame...


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