Sunday Selections #46

It's Sunday Selections time again!!

I'm sure we all know the drill by now, hunt through your old photos and choose one or a few to post under the Sunday Selections title, link back to Kim at Frog Ponds Rock, then hop on over to her site and add your name to her linky list and leave her a comment.

I often choose a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week my theme is

Bonfire flames of course, because they're the best kind.

These are all photos of a bonfire at a birthday party I went to recently; these are of the embers as the flames began to die down.
And what the heck is going on with my placement??!!
Look at that picture above bullying the top one for space! (and I couldn't fix it)

Face warming flames.

Higher and Higher.

I love watching flames.

More embers.

I also like the patterns formed in the smoke.
Sometimes I see dragons.

So go through your files, follow the directions above and join the fun!


  1. Beautiful, I can hear the crackle.

  2. Firewatching is irresistable. And anywhere you can see dragons is good. Thank you, it was well worth waiting for this post.

  3. Bonza photos. Staring at flames can be hypnotic. The last photo is my favourite because it looks like a desert of fire in the night :-).

  4. Delores; the crackles and pops are all part of the fun.

    EC; you can warm your hands over these pics next winter.

    Kim; dragons are my favourite thing.

    Windsmoke; a desert? I'll have to have a closer look.

  5. I'm warmed at the sight already. Dragons breathing fire.

  6. I love watching a bonfire. You have captured it perfectly, I feel like I am there.

  7. Great shots! I love a bonfire.

    (I always had trouble laying out posts with photos in them when using blogger. So I switched to using Windows Live Writer (must be somewhere on your computer when you're using windows). Very easy to use for writing your posts, especially when you want to include photos. And it communicates with blogger, so you can use your chosen blogger-lay-out. I can really recommend it!)

  8. Your photos bring back memories. Campfires, first attempt at having a boyfriend... I'm just trying to make up my mind if they are good memories or not so much so.

  9. sometimes l worry about my love of fire!Ha..beautiful images. I can feel the heat and hear the cracklesxxlynda

  10. Elisabeth; it was so much more warming being there.

    Kelley; welcome!! I'm so happy to see you here! And thank you.

    Carolina; I don't usually have placement troubles. more often my problem is photos taking forever to load. I'll see if I can find Windows Live Writer though.

    Tat@Mum in search; welcome to drifting. Of course they'd be good memories. every memory you have is part of what made you the person you are today.

    lynda Howells; welcome to drifting. You should only worry if you're setting fires.

  11. I love the colours in those first two, the pinky/purplish tone is gorgeous and I can't think that I have noticed it in a fire before.

    Sorry it took me so long to get here, hubs computer was broken, so he took mine :(


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