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Thursday, August 29, 2013

how much is the fine?

How much is the fine for not voting?

I'm a little concerned here.
I don't like Tony Abbot's views and I straight out don't like Kevin Rudd at all.
I think he is childish and has a mean streak. 
So I don't want to vote for either of them.

Not voting incurs a fine.
So how much is this fine?
Have I stashed away enough dollars?

This year, for the first time ever, I'll be collecting all the leaflets handed out near the polling booth entrance and studying them carefully before deciding where to make my pencil mark.
If I make one at all.

I've been reading the views put forward by journalists in the papers, but I've never understood politics. Each article says good things about the party they're spruiking in a way that I could almost believe they're the "good" party, but they can't all be the "good" party.
 Equally they can't all be the "bad" party.

None of the "promises" I hear on TV are convincing me they are trying to do the right thing by my country, all I really hear is "vote for me".

The whole shebang is turning my brain to cottage cheese.


  1. Some start out with pure intentions but it never lasts long.



    One thing I like about living in Missouri is, I don't have to declare a party. So at primary time, I get a ballot of the "other" party and pick a big loser that has no hope of winning a general election. Then I sit back and hope for the best.

    Of course if the 'loser' actually wins, I've just shot myself in the foot.

  3. Idea: go vote, but invalidate your ballot by doodling on it and pretending not to understand the directions. Meh.

  4. I can't believe they have a fine for not about being forced into democracy lol.

  5. Everyone is saying the same thing this election, both parties don't have positive ideas and they don't really want to tell anyone how they are going to pay for it. As for the leaders they are two spoilt kids fighting over the same lolly pop.
    Not much choice i think a rock and a hard place.

  6. No, it isn't an easy one. It isn't who I prefer this time, it is who I think is least dangerous.
    And I am worried about our future. Very worried.
    I am tired of the me, me, me attitude that both of the major parties are spruiking.

  7. If there were a fine for not voting I'd wager the national debts of many countries would be paid off the first year.

  8. There aren't just two parties running for election so take all the leaflets handed out at the gate. The whole idea is not to give anyone control of both houses of Parliament. If only a drover's dog was running instead of mongrels and curs.

    Seriously though, I always think of the women who aren't allowed to vote or anyone who risks being killed at a polling booth in a corrupt country but gets there anyway. Our lot might not be able to lie straight in bed but we still have a democracy and can get rid of them in three years time.

  9. You must register at the polling booth no matter who you cast your votes for. The how to vote cards they hand out at the gate of the polling booth are useless 'cos they only tell you who they want you to vote for. I think last Federal election I got on to the internet and that way found who was in which party and so on and worked out who I would vote for before I went to vote. You can always put the minor parties first and then the major parties last if you don't want to vote for them. We often do that on the senate voting paper. Put the party we do want and then number the others in order of who is not too bad.
    I believe in compulsory voting even if some people just scribble on their voting paper. At least it makes people think a little more about what is happening on the political arena.
    I detest Kevin Rudd but as I've said before I admire Tony Abbott as being a good man...both as a husband and father and community man too. I feel he has quite a good team behind him so am prepared to give them a go. Clive Palmer terrifies me. He makes such bold statements of what he is going to do but I've not heard him back any of his claims up with how he is going to pay for his promises. I know he said he is going to increase age pensions by a huge amount which would be great for us....I don't believe he can do anything he has promised.
    I wish you well on 7 September but just do vote ... somehow for someone no matter what. Please.
    Incidentally I never put just 1 at the top of the senate paper but number all of the candidates.

  10. I pretty much second what Mimsie has written here, so no need for me to write anything else. And, I too detest Krudd... mis-spelling intended.

  11. Manzanita; yes, I think the good intentions last about a month or so, then the shine wears off and they're sucked into whatever the rest of the party is doing.

    Happy Elf Mom; yes, there is a fine. Here in Australia voting is compulsory. I'm tempted to write things on the ballot form...

    Delores; voting is compulsory out here and if you don't pay the fine they add penalty rates. I know someone who put off paying the fine and eventually had to fork out $400+

    Merlesworld; a rock and a hard place, that's it exactly.

    Elephant's Child; I can't work out who would be the least dangerous. I'm really stumped here.

    Joanne; you have voluntary voting over there don't you. Here it's compulsory.

    JahTeh; I'll take all the leaflets and probably make paper aeroplanes with them.

    Mimsie; I'll definitely register at the booth. The cards they hand out might be useful if I recognise a name of any politician I know I'd prefer.

  12. River, I understand how you feel. It took me hours the other day to ferret out information about the people standing in my electorate. I think I have found the name of someone decent who is standing as an independent.

    I will vote for him. Even if he does not win, he needs a certain number of votes to get back the deposit he has paid in order to stand. I appreciate him making the effort to provide me with more choices.

    Of course, there may not be anyone decent in your electorate. You can leave your ballot paper blank, doodle on it or whatever you like. Fold up your papers and put them in the boxes provided as you leave the building. As it is a secret ballot it's nobody's business what you do with your papers.

    To avoid a fine, all you are required to do is have your name crossed off the list of names of registered voters.

    If you do not have your name crossed off you will eventually receive a fine - there is a space on the form for providing a reason why you did not vote. Jehovah's Witnesses are excused on religious grounds - why not convert for the day?

    My ex received a fine many years ago, and ticked the box that said "deceased". Later, he wanted to vote but couldn't... serves him right!

    At you can find out where you can vote early i.e. days or weeks before the election. Avoid the rush. Just one of the many reasons you are able to vote early is work. No one will ask you but if they do want to know why you are voting early, tell them you are rostered to work on that day.

  13. I left out the fact that my polling booth is at the local school and they always have a smashing sausage sizzle going all day and usually a chocolate crackle stand nearby to raise funds for the kids. That's a promise that's always kept.

  14. The fine for federal elections is only $20. Readers of this, please check that yourself as the information is not verified and also could be out of date. Take note too, it is a decent bit more for not voting in state elections and local council elections.

    I like Jah Teh's positive comment. We are privileged to live in a country where we can freely vote and should never take it for granted.

    If you can't bring yourself to vote for anyone, attend, get your name crossed off, take the ballot papers and write on it something about what you would like more money to spent on, such as old age pensions. (you will be old one day) Vote counters and scrutineers from each party will see it.

    I like Fruit Cake's of going for the underdog to see that they get their deposit back. Some people foolishly run without any hope, but with the best of intentions. Thanks for non working link FC. I needed a quick address. It would have been useful.

    Jah Teh again hit the money with make sure where you vote has a democracy sausage sizzle, better still if it in near a school fund raiser.

  15. Vicki; Krudd, I like that.

    FruitCake; I'll probably do the first thing that occurs to me when I'm standing there with my forma and pencil. tic-tac-toe, monkey faces, a letter to my dead mother...

    JahTeh; ours are usually at local schools to, but I haven't seen any sausage sizzles or chocolate crackle stalls either. Maybe I should start one, or suggest one to a local councillor.

    Andrew; I did think about writing something like that on my form, I actually had a few sentences scribbled down but lost the paper. I'm in a new area from last time, maybe there will be a sausage sizzle this year.

  16. Sorry about the non-working link, Andrew. Please send me a non-working link to a site that will tell me how to include a working link in a comment.

    I like your comment about writing something meaningful on the ballot paper so counters and scrutineers will see it. Good idea, thanks.

  17. Agree with JahTeh, don't squander your voting rights.

    Oh, whoever you vote for, definitely NOT Abbot!! If you get the Liberal in, for sure you can say goodbye to OT pay, weekend pay. The 6 mth paid maternal leave will ultimately result in discrimination against hiring women in reproducing age.

  18. Being fined for not voting seems a good idea but if none of the candidates appeal there's nothing to do but spoil the vote - and what does that prove?
    Waiting for the vote on Syria . . .

  19. Hi River,

    Crikey - a fine for not voting?

    Bloody Hell. Not sure how I would cope with that. It's like being stuck between a rock and hard place.

    Close your eyes and draw a cross - and don't look where it lands. Then you won't feel bad.




  20. Me, I’m going to vote for whichever major party hasn’t cynically dehumanised boat people (while insisting that they only want to save lives) in the ugly race to get the votes of stupid bogan bigots.

    What’s that? Oh. Okay then, in that case I guess I’ll vote informal.

  21. FruitCake; I'm in the process of thinking up something meaningful to write.

    mm; I don't want to waste my vote, nor abuse my voting privileges, but the choice is so poor this time.

    jabblog; possibly it would prove nothing, but if many, many people did this, it may prove that the people aren't happy with all the childishness going on between to "leaders".

    Plasman; I once knew a woman who placed a tick in every single square each time she voted for probably 40 years.

    FigMince; they've both dehumanised boat people, so you've got a problem.

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