I have something new in my kitchen

When I first moved in here, I noticed the rangehood over the hotplates wasn't very effective.
And the light didn't work. But I put up with it, stuck a battery operated LED light on the wall tiles....but it was facing out at me instead of down onto my pots, so I got blinded and took it down again.

anyway.....a couple of weeks ago the extractor fan died.
I phoned maintenance.
Got the "your call is important, press one for  this, two for that" and hung up.
Tried again the next day hoping they wouldn't be so busy.
Same thing.
Third try, I actually stayed on the line, waiting to see if I could get heard.
No go. I did use up most of my pre-paid credit though. I don't have a landline, just the mobile.

On the following Monday, I went into the city, to the housing office and used their direct line handset.
Holy Jiminy! 
Straight through! 
Stated my case and was assured someone would be out on the Wednesday to look at it.
And they were. Two of them. Just to look at the rangehood.
Between them they decided that yes, they did have a different model in that size, so replacing the unit would be a piece of cake.
I mentioned very clearly that I wouldn't be home on day X or day Y, but any other day was fine.

Day Y rolls around and of course I wasn't home.....but I got a phone call from the electrician, who had a rangehood in his truck and called around on the chance that I might be there.

Well I was clear across town and not about to hurry home, after all it is two bus rides and who knows how long that would take.
So we arranged a definite day for installation.

Ta Da! New rangehood.

with a working light! Yay!

the filter panels are huge compared to the old hood which only had a slim filter across the front, where it was completely useless. The fan is much bigger and much more powerful, it actually sucks up the steam.

When the electrician pulled down the old hood, he and the hotplates got showered with bird seed.

Remember way back when I first moved in I told you all about the previous tenant who kept birds? Inside? All over the flat! Truly, he had cages and loose birds everywhere and I was cleaning seed and poop for days, also glue that had held the cages in place.....

I'm glad that old rangehood is gone, because every now and then I would have a few seeds drop down out of it, luckily I had lids on my pots. Now I don't have to worry about birdseed anymore.
I swept up all that spilled seed and tossed it out on the grass.
And got busy cooking. Another batch of spaghetti sauce with meatballs.


  1. A new appliance, especially in the kitchen makes life so nice for a while. Enjoy your new steam (or in my kitchen...smoke) free existence.

  2. Kymbo Whitford; It'll be nice to cook things and actually see what I'm stirring. Burn the toast a lot do you?

  3. Lacking a better place our stove top is in a kitchen counter island; the vent is in the middle of the stove top. In the winter cold air pours in; we keep a folded towel on it. Accomodations!

  4. The new hood looks amazing. Sorry I haven't dropped by more often, will make sure to from now on. :)

  5. WOW You have the patience of a saint but you had a good reason. What a pain to have bird seed all over. I used to have birds in the house but I couldn't take the birdseed they fling all over.
    What a pretty new hood and yum, spaghetti.

  6. I don't have one in my house but my kitchen has three doors and two windows the steam doesn't stand a chance it get blown out as soon as it leaves the pot but their is a lot of cleaning in winter as I shut everything it's just too cold but summer is very nice,

  7. Our range hood is quite old now but looks very much like your new one with the huge vents and a fan that does suck up all the steam. If you put the fan on too high a setting I often think the range hood will take off. I find the light so good too and I use that light when making sandwiches etc on the bench next to the stove. I had to laugh about the bird man but can imagine how dreadful it would have been to have seed dropping through into your home. Hope it was just seed.
    You are going to feel like a new person with that stylish range hood in your kitchen.

  8. Yay. I am so glad that your persistence was rewarded.

  9. Joanne Noragon; I always wanted a kitchen with an island. Maybe I'll have one in my next life.

    the Wicked Writer; it's lovely and clean and works much better.

    Manzanita; when I first moved in, I thought the place had been cleaned, certainly it had been painted. Some of the paintwork is a bit lumpy where it was slapped on over whatever was on the wall or windowsills at the time.

    Andrew; a kitchen does need good lighting and if there are overhead cupboards over the stove then the rangehood must have a working light.

    Merlesworld; things are usually okay if a kitchen has plenty of open space for the steam. does your stove have overhead cupboards over it?

    Mimsie; I find I use that light too for sandwich making. With the central ceiling light the benches are always in my shadow. Yes it was just birdseed dropping. It used to be feathers too, but I haven't seen any of those for months now.

    Elephant's Child; if persistence hadn't worked I was planning on camping out in the housing office until someone did something.


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