Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Friday, August 16, 2013

it's cake day!!

it's my birthday!

61 years down, 40 years to go. Or more...

I'll start the day with breakfast:-

can you believe the whole thing is cake? Even the tray!

for lunch, something smaller, more simple:-


afternoon tea?

coffee cake of course.

dinner will be a healthier option:-

a salad sandwich (cake).

followed by dessert:-

ice cream sundae (cake)
(ignore the banner I am not 80, although sometimes my hips would say I am).

maybe a cup of tea or two before bed....

the cups are sugar if I remember rightly.

All of these cake images have been borrowed from Cake Wrecks, thank you very much.

and thank you JahTeh for the cakey inspiration.


  1. Happy, happy birthday and many more of them.
    And I love the cakes too...

  2. Happy birthday to you. You know how to do it. You could send that breakfast my way. And the ice cream.

  3. Those are amazing cakes...and...happy happy birthday to you. Here's to another 40 (or more) years.

  4. Happy Birthday River!

    And... yes, yes, yes to all those tasty delights!
    Bugger the calories today :)

  5. Happy birthday you sexy thing, when you come here I'm taking you on a romantic tram ride to Footscray. It's a bit of a slum but the muggers are polite.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (And many moooooore...)

  7. Some cake sculptures are amazing, aren't they?

    Happy Birthday, River.

  8. Elephant's Child; thank you. Sugar heaven.

    Joanne Noragon; I don't think they'd fit in an envelope...and thank you.

    Delores; thank you. Aren't they just amazing? The only thing I know how to do with cake is eat it.

    Vicki; thank you and what the heck are calories?

    R.H. polite muggers? are they the ones who give your wallet back once they've emptied it?

    Blossom; thank you and how have you been keeping?

    Susan; thank you and hopefully many, many, more.

    FruitCake; some people are just so darn clever! thank you.

  9. I'm told they leave you your fare home.

  10. Now youve gone and made me all hungry... Happy Birthday!

  11. R.H. well, that's something.

    Kymbo; thank you, have a cake.

  12. Sorry I am running late sending very best wishes for your 61st birthday. Saw my optometrist just before lunch, had 'those' drops and couldn't see 'cos of the glare and fuzziness so am running so late today.
    Hope you had a fabulous day and all those goodies....they looked good enough to eat.
    Nilish said today when checking my eyes "They have to last you another 19 years!" Seems you and I both have the same intentions. : )

  13. Many happy returns, River!
    Hope it's been a fantabulous day for you and 40 more to go xxx

  14. Happy Birthday, River....
    The cakes are fantastic...
    Barb xxx

  15. For she's a jolly good fellow, and so say all of us. Happy birthday River.

  16. Happy Birthday River :-) What a great cake day. I hope you've had a fabulous day!

  17. Mimsie; thank you. Eye drops annoy me. I never can get them in and lose a lot of the solution as it drips down my cheeks.

    Jayne; thanks, it was a fabulous day, right up until I got home and discovered there was no chocolate in the house.

    Barbara Neubeck; thanks, I do like a fabulous cake.

    Andrew; thank you. when's your birthday?

    sleepydwarf; thank you. It was a wonderful day.

  18. I love the tea cups and I can't understand why people plaster their cakes with their age, some things should remain mysterious.

  19. JahTeh; I prefer cakes without age banners too.It's different for kids I suppose who want the world to know they are finally six...

  20. Happy Belated Birthday, all that cake sounds divine to me x

  21. Oh, I'm WAY late in wishing you a happy birthday! But better late than never ... that's if you survived that CAKE frenzy!!!

  22. Fenstar; sugar heaven. Or heart attack on a plate.

    Red Nomad OZ; I survived. "Better late than never", that was one of my mum's favourite sayings.