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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

one for the AC-DC fans

There must be a few of them out there somewhere. 
I don't recall any of their songs right now, but I knew a couple way back when.
My eldest daughter's best friend in high school was a big fan.

Anyway, the lead singer, Bon Scott, died some time ago and is buried in the Perth Cemetery.
It's a huge cemetery, I don't think I've seen one as big anywhere, and it looks beautifully cared for.

My brother and I drove past it several times on our way to other places and each time, he would mention that Bon Scott was planted  buried there. We didn't go to see the grave, but he did take me to see the statue that was erected.

It's a life sized statue and R said he was surprised to find that Bon Scott was such a small person.
About five feet tall. He looks like he weighs maybe five pounds...

There he is. Down at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. 
Same area as the bronze woman and the bronze fishermen.
They had to put him up on a high plinth so he'd appear taller.

Let's get closer.

His name and dates of birth and death, 19? to 19?

all you ever wanted to know about Bon Scott.

in bronze, for eternity.

singing his heart out, for eternity.


  1. And goodness his trousers are tight. I can't remember whether he sang in a high pitched falsetto or not - but those trousers would suggest he had no choice.
    I didn't realise he was buried there. Thank you. (Saw him live back in the day - but also cannot remember any of their songs...)

  2. He was a tiny wee soul but bigger than life on stage.

  3. The music never appealed to me, but it did to millions. I had to look him up to get a sense of his career. It seems they put a vest on him for the bronze.

    Nice he became part of the Freemantle bronzes.

  4. I used to work for a sign company situated the next street up from Fremantle Cemetery where he is buried.
    I remember when his grave plaque was stolen on (what would've been) his 60th birthday in 2006. Huge outcry at the time!
    Another reason for a high plinth was to give him his "eternal stage" to perform from.
    I grew up with his music and "Acca Dacca" were local boys.
    There'll never be another Bon.

  5. Loved him and still consider him the proper lead singer of AC DC.
    He actually started out in folk bands, playing flutes, etc, he was a talented bloke, too young too die in such an inglorious way.

  6. Did you notice his second name is Belford?

  7. The dates are 1946 - 1980 on the plaque.
    I am too old to even remember him or his music but I did know about the bronze statue and if I remember rightly there was some controversy about it when it was erected.
    The ashes are interred in Fremantle Cemetery which is quite large (although not as large as Karrakatta Cemetery nearer Perth).
    Scott's grave site has become a cultural landmark and is reportedly the most visited grave in Australia. The National Trust of Australia considered it important enough to decree it be added to the list of heritage places. There is a Bon Scott Arch and memorial Entrance gate off Carrington Street in the north-west corner of the Cemetery.
    We probably drive past Fremantle Cemetery at least once every week if not more often. It is only a bout 2km from where we live.

  8. Elephant's Child; they certainly were tight. Whether or not he wore them tight in real life I have no way of knowing, but the statue suggests he must have. I don't remember his voice at all.

    Delores; you saw him on stage?

    Joanne Noragon; I was not a fan, but I liked a couple of the songs. Now I don't even remember which ones.

    Vicki; I remember R saying his plaque had been stolen. Shame, shame. I'd forgotten they were called Acca Dacca locally.

    Jayne; I had no idea about his prior musical learnings. Seems he was quite talented beyond being a front man for the band. He was too young to die though.

    Andrew; yes I did. do you know why? I assumed he was named for his mother's maiden name or something like that.

    Mimsie; I did wonder if I had got the cemeteries mixed up. So he died at 34? That's way too young. Next time I visit maybe I will visit the grave. In all the driving around we did, I was probably close enough to you to wave hello once or twice...

  9. I'm laughing at what elephant's child said. I'm not familiar with this person but I don't know many in the US either.

  10. Hi River,

    I am a massive AC/DC fan and I love the Bon Scott era. He died in 1979 I think.

    The statue doesn't look like him but at least he has one.

    I recently saw a tribute band called AC/BC which was solely the Bon Scott era.

    And "Let There Be Rock" is my favourite AC/DC song - screamed with perfection by Bon.




  11. Manzanita; you can see just how tight those pants are from a different angle. I chose not to show that photo.

    Plasman; the plaque says 1980. I've never seen Bon Scott, so I can't say whether or not the statue resembles him correctly, perhaps it's the best they could do. I'll have to look up "Let There Be Rock".