seen right here in Adelaide

Rundle Mall....

......ripped up and under reconstruction.


while over in a high-end department store........

two bronze statues enjoyed a cup of coffee.


  1. You have to wonder some days why the need to reconstruct, and reconstruct and reconstruct. What is wrong with doing it right the first time.
    Like the statues though.

  2. It seems like every time I'm there the Mall is being reconstructed.. maybe they'll do it well this time.

  3. The pigs, what will happen to the pigs?

  4. Elephant's Child; they're constantly trying to "revitalise" the Mall to bring more people and tourists into the city. it won't work as long as parking is so rare and expensive. plus all the shops don't even open until 11am on Sundays, then they close at 5pm, also close at 5pm on Saturdays.

    Kymbo; it will be a wait and see project. Wait and see if it looks good, wait and see if it brings people back in to the city, wait and see if it will attract tourists.

    Andrew; I think the pigs will still be there. I forgot to check this morning, I'll have a look on Saturday when I go in to start my Christmas shopping.

  5. I have not been to a mall in twenty years. Thanks for reminding me why.

  6. Those statues are divinely odd. :-)


  7. I love those statues. Coming across those as you wander about would leave you feeling like you had entered another dimension.

  8. Never seen that before a rabbit and a dog having coffee they are great, I would like a smaller version for my garden.

  9. Joanne; I remember when this one was first opened, 1974 I think it was, it was such a novelty, it was packed every day.

    Jackie K; aren't they just? I wouldn't have seen them at all if I hadn't needed a ladies room in a hurry.

    Pearl; odd indeed. I love them.

    Delores; the statues are advertising an up market coffee shop/cafe.

    Merlesworld; save the photo and hunt around for someone who can make you a pair.

  10. I love the statues - I bet they make lots of people do a double take.

  11. They are constantly trying to encourage people to come into Perth city as well.
    Those statues are divine aren't they. Pity people can't get on as well as they are.

  12. jabblog; they're in a spot where I normally wouldn't go, so I don't know how many other people see them.

    Mimsie; our cities are too sprawled out with easy parking and shopping in the suburbs; why would people travel all the way into the city, fight for a parking space that has to be paid for, then leave too soon because the shops are closing?


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