what irritates you Monday

"What irritates you Monday" is a meme thought up by Delores from The Feathered Nest.

Here, on a Monday, we get a chance to vent our little, or not so little, things that irritate us.
It doesn't have to be something on that particular Monday, it can be anything that irritates you any day of any week.  

Today, my irritation is....

My typing. 
My two or three finger hunt and peck typing.

I try to get the words out fairly quickly and then have to spend precious minutes (who am I kidding, time is all I've got and plenty of it, but my kindle calls to me....), proof reading and correcting. 

Because I repeatedly hit the "a"  key either before or after I should, getting "taht" or "thta" instead of "that", and "teh" instead of "the" and other silly little things, such as liitle.
Then there's "peopel" instead of "people".

The most common of these is "thta"

can you imagine how much white out I'd use if this was a regular typewriter??
You know, there was a day a couple of months ago when my fingers flew across the keys of their own accord, churning out words, correctly, at a great rate of knots, without me even looking at the keyboard. Well, barely looking. 

But that didn't last and I'm back to my usual method. 


  1. River: I hear you. I touch type - but the accuracy is variable. Very variable. And I am not a good proof reader either - I tend to read what I intended to be there instead of what is. Oops.

  2. I know what you mean, I can't spell or type so it's always slow going.

  3. Haha! I so agree. I'm fairly quick on the keys, but... I need to look at the keyboard as I type.

    I used to so envy my friends who could literally fly across the typewriter keys (accurately) without looking at them! Never worked for me.

    I'm glad that these days, a simple backspace/undo can correct a misspelled word.
    There are times when I wish there was an "undo" button in life too :D

  4. Elephant's Child; I sometimes forget to proof read and when I see my post or comments I actually flinch.

    Merlesworld; and then there's grammar! A comma in the wrong place can change the whole meaning of a sentence sometimes.

    Vicki; my daughter K is one of those flying fingers girls and she does it while eating dinner and watching TV! she's a multi-tasker.
    Of course I do the same, just much much slower.
    I don't agree about the undo button, if life had one then everybody would undo mistakes they've made and the world would be perfect and BORING. And you can't look back and learn from experiences that are no longer there. Mistakes should be left in place, because the things we do and move on from, make us who we are today.

  5. I am fortunate in that I rarely look at the keyboard when typing which is fortunate 'cos most of the letters have worn off my keyboard! My son-in-law was doing something for me on my Mac recently and had trouble typing 'cos so many letters show blank or almost blank. I should try and remark them. I have typed up to here so far without an error so still do pretty well for an oldie.
    I have one common fault though when typing and for some reason tend to quite often transpose NOT and NOW. Nearly got a firm I worked for into strife once. I may even blog about that 'cos it was quite serious but also quite funny.
    I am wondering though why you were doing so well a month or so back but not now. Must be a reason!

  6. Take up drinking. Two glasses of wine and my touch typing with all fingers is very accurate and I can type nearly as fast as I think. Three glasses of wine, it starts to fall apart. No glasses of wine and it is very variable, but usually not so great.

  7. I never learnt to type so I'm a two finger typist. My biggest problem is hitting caps lock instead of A and because I look at the keyboard it is always a few lines before I see it is in capitals and then I have to do it all again.DOH!

  8. My trick is to not think about it ... as soon as I concentrate on what I'm doing the mistakes pour out!!

  9. Mimsie; I read your post about the transposing, quite the potential disaster there. The one day when I typed so well was a one-off happening. It never happened before and not since.

    Andrew; but drinking gets expensive and I'm on a very limited budget. Coffee helps a bit, at least I don't fall asleep looking for the "j" key....

    diane b; I never learned to type either, how I wish I had. I've tried some of those online learn to type sites and my fingers just won't cooperate.

    Red Nomad OZ; I've noticed things seem to go better when I don't think so much.

  10. With me it very much depends on how tired I am as to how terrible my typing is.

  11. Without a doubt, typing on a computer is a lot easier than using a typewriter. Nothing worse than typing a full page of what's supposed to be a pristine report and then screwing up on the very last line...

    When I'm tired, I tend to transpose letters within a word as though my fingers become dyslexic. Even when I'm not tired, if I want to type the name "Brian", nine times out of ten, my fingers will bang out "Brain." (Good thing I proof read!)

  12. My boss types with two fingers from each hand, and remarkably well. :-)


  13. Hi River,

    Associated with that - autocorrect - where you spell something correctly but the word processor of your choice decides you haven't and "fixes" it for you - usually making it look American.





  14. Kymbo Whitford; tiredness would be a problem, or being only half awake first thing in the morning.

    Susan; that's my problem, the transposing of the letters, mostly "a" and "i" or "o" and "u" or "g" and "u"; I'll ogten write throguh instead of through. I can imagine how frustrating thta would be on a typewritten document. See there? I've just done it again!

    Pearl; I've got one finger from each hand most of the time, occasionally another finger has a go when I'm not looking.

  15. Plasman; I've disabled my auto correct feature. and I don't have it on my phone at all, mine is an older model flip phone.


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