pain free! for now.

so I've been to the dentist, sat in the chair for close to two hours with my mouth stretched wide and filled with various potentially pain producing implements and now I'm home again. Minus the nerves in one lower molar.

Yes, another root canal has been done. I remember these from years ago, when the procedure was much more painful than it is now. I still felt a bit of pain during the process, but nothing unbearable.
Dentistry really has made remarkable progress since the fifties and sixties when a lot of the time a tooth was pulled out rather than saved. Because that was the cheaper option. It still is, but people and dentists are more aware now of the importance of keeping teeth as long as possible.

I now have medication in the tooth and a temporary filling and I'll go back in three weeks for the permanent filling. They do this to be sure the tooth doesn't become infected. it is much easier to remove a temporary filling and reclean the root canals than it is to remove a permanent filling.

So I've lost a few hours, paid a few (lots) dollars and lost the painful aching I've had since that flare-up I wrote about ten days ago. That's a win for me.


  1. After the initial, dreadful tooth pain has been alleviated, comes the pain to the bank balance.
    The dichotomy of dentistry.

    Deep toothache is awful though. So very glad all's well now, River.

  2. Vicki; I was saving fairly steadily towards crowns on my mismatched front teeth, so I used that money and the bank balance hasn't suffered. There is still some savings left so I'll just keep adding to it, because I know already I'll need two more root canals before too long.

  3. The relief after a dreadful toothache pretty well takes away the pain of the cost.

    I always wondered why we have nerves in our gums.

    Take care and may the wins continue.


  4. Root canal? I would baulk at the cost and probably say, take it out.

  5. As difficult as a root canal can be (so I hear) I'd imagine that the other option's worse. Hope this takes care of it for you and you're feeling better.

  6. Saving the tooth is a good thing. Yes dentistry has come a long way.

    I once needed a root canal and my regular dentist referred me to a specialist. He had already don several RC's on me and I wondered why he would not do this one.

    He said it was a bit more complicated than usual so he recommended a specialist.

    He did say if I wanted he would give it a shot.

    That did not sound like such a good idea.

  7. I am so glad. Dentistry has indeed come a long way - but I still approach each and every visit with white knuckles.

  8. Thank goodness that's over eh? What a relief. Well, maybe not a relief to your bank account though. Take it easy now and rest a bit. Thank goodness for dentists.

  9. So pleased youre pain free River, and there's little in life that renders me a psycho mess than a trip to the dentist!

  10. I'm always saving for the dentist. Except for my teeth I might be rich.

  11. A good step forward...and in three weeks time...the final step will be taken and all will be well again. :)

  12. klahanie; yes, the relief from pain is far preferable to a few extra dollars still in the bank.

    Andrew; I've lost far too many teeth already.

    Karen BakingInATornado; the other option is removing the tooth and I've had too many removed in the past.

    joeh; a specialist is often a good idea. If I had access and funds I'd see a specialist.

    Elephant's Child; I'm not the white-knuckled type, I can handle the pain as long as I get lots of anesthetic. It's the cost that gets me, every time. I just can't affford it too often. I wish I could.

    Delores; once the permanent filling goes in it will be fine, then I'll save for the next one. There are three more teeth showing similar symptoms.

    Rose ~ from OZ; I'm fine with the dentist, it's the extreme pain before I get there that drives me psycho.

    Joanne; with the money I've spent on my teeth I probably could have bought a small house.

    Lee; until another tooth goes south. I'm not pessimistic, I just know my teeth.

  13. Glad you are doing ok. I have another friend who desperately needs a root canal done and they are saving. It is hard to live in pain like that.

  14. Good that it's over and you have some relief. I think most of us would agree to pay anything to get rid of bad toothache!
    Dentistry certainly has made huge advances, even since the 1970s and 1980s when I was a child: going to the dentist even then was often a painful experience, and they weren't as sensitive to patients either. Remember how they used to use your chest as their instrument tray? In contrast my kids see going to the dentist as a bit of a chore but not something painful. And unlike me they don't have a mouthful of fillings either!


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