mini pumpkins

here's the verdict on the mini pumpkins.

There's not a lot of flesh inside and what there is, is quite stringy once cooked, so I wouldn't recommend eating them.

I'd say they were bred to be hollowed out and carved as mini jack'o'lanterns. 
I thought as much when I bought them, my opinion being based purely on their shape, but at least now I know for certain.

The question now is:
what to do with the one and a half pumpkins I have left?
Do birds eat pumpkin?
Can I carve it up into bits and put them in the garden for the birds?
Would the lizards enjoy nibbling on them?


  1. My chooks would love them. :) I think birds would eat them too, in general, I have found what the chooks love, the birds love as well.

    I know Moose eat them, but obvs, we have no Moose in Australia. So, that is not exactly optimal.

    Lizards love strawberries.

    And there are my random thoughts which were inspired by your post. :)

  2. Chickens love pumpkins. After they eat their fill for the moments, birds do come to them. The seeds are particular favorites.

  3. That saves me thinking about buying them even though they look so cute. I'd defintely try leaving a few small pieces in the garden and see if the birds or the lizard are interested. Otherwise...bin them I guess in the bin that gets composted.

  4. I once had one of my super stupid thoughts and actually painted one of those little pumpkins (about a 2 pounder) to represent Halloween, and when Christmas came it was still solid so I popped a Santa hat on it and kept it up. THEN, when EASTER came around, I put some bunny ears on it! I finally had to throw it out only due to the fact I didn't want o have to decorate it for the 4th of July. lol Honest.

  5. Drop them from high buildings, it worked for David Letterman

  6. Perhaps you could make a soup with them...toss in some chopped celery and canned tomatoes, onions etc....

  7. Should'nt they be wearing a bra?

  8. Snoskred; thanks, I'll chop them up and put them out for the birds. The lizards most certainly are NOT getting my strawberries!

    Linda; I don't have chickens, so these will be for the birds.

    Mimsie; if they weren't on sale I wouldn't have bought them in the first place, but at least now I know I can't eat them. I'll put the half one out tonight for the early morning birds, then the other in stages next week.

    lotta joy; that sounds like a fun idea! But I'm not going to do it, the pumpkin would shrivel in our summer heat. My daughter does a similar thing with her small Christmas tree, leaves it up all year round just changing decorations to suit the season or occasion. One year it was a birthday tree!

    Vest; too late now, one has had surgery.

  9. joeh; David Letterman? I haven't heard of him in years. Is his late show still going?

    Lee; there really isn't enough flavour in them to make it worthwhile and they are very, very stringy. Like the spaghetti squash.


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