Aww rats!

gosh darn it all!

Angel was having one of those mornings, so I've been up since before even the earliest  birds started flickering their eyelids....
I dusted and vacuumed, then the day got breezy so I opened the doors to get the fresh air in.
Then I took a nap and after lunch, I had another nap. (I'd planned on reading and had the book open on my lap...)

Now everything is covered in a nice layer of dust and very fine black grit. 

quote: "you can't change what has already happened, but you can choose what to do next." 
how appropriate. I choose not to dust and vacuum again. Not today anyway.

The weather was hot yesterday and the day before, too hot and my porch pot plants suffered a bit, if that's how they react to one or two days of heat, they won't do well at all when summer gets here. 
The next few days will be cooler, so I'll leave them there to recover, then I'll move them down into the side garden, where they will get at least a little shade from the trees and other plantings. 
My porch will be bare again :(  but the side yard will be colourful.


  1. Ever notice how once they successfully get you out of bed they completely ignore you for the rest of the day?

  2. I'm looking forward to the days of watering porch plants three times a day, but not because I like watering three times a day.

  3. I can take the cold better than heat. People wonder why some of us live in this frigid climate but I'll put it like this, I am less annoyed by cold than heat.
    What a shame if you lose your porch plants.

  4. This is getting to be the time of year I'm glad we moved to Florida. My sister's leaves in Indiana are turning, but that means they'll be on the ground soon and the trees will be bare. Then comes the shivering, and wind. Yesterday I had the windows and doors open and hated having to close them at 10pm. The first thing I noticed when we moved here was the absence of that odd black "grit". Yes, we traded that for sand, but isn't everything a trade-off. If you get the chance, come see my pineapple plant growing a *gasp* PINEAPPLE!!

  5. I've just in the middle of the plant shuffle, but as the pots are bigger now it's hard work.

  6. Bad luck. I should wait with the next great dusting effort until it gets really dirty.

  7. Jack used to bunt me persistently to wake up and get going early. Now that he's a senior, he's very happy to lie next to me on the bed til wake up time.
    One day, sweet Angel will be the same.

    Death, taxes and... dust - all endless certainties.

    Maybe try some heat loving plants for the porch - petunias, many herbs, succulents or maybe a dwarf lemon variety - you'll get bonus lemons too.
    Pots that are glazed/sealed are best to ensure the water doesn't evaporate.
    Some Aust' natives can be potted. I have a Backhousia Citriodora (Lemon Scented Myrtle) in a pot - it is tough in all conditions, looks fantastic and has the most delicious smelling leaves when picked and crushed. The leaves are edible and are popular with chefs, due to the "very lemony scent". And it can be trimmed/tip pruned to keep it the height/shape you want.
    I put a little mulch on the top soil of mine to keep it cool, and give it a brief shower from the can early on hot summer mornings. A wonderful, handsome plant.

  8. When I heard of the storms in SA I thought about you and wondered if it had affected the area where you are.
    That was naughty of all that dust sneaking in while you had a nap. Not at all considerate.
    Re your plants on the porch. Is there any way you can put up some shadecloth during the day. No, perhaps they will be better off in the side garden.
    Our garden suffered during our beastly hot hot summer last year and I fear it is going to be a hot one this year as well. Phil has 4 garden beds full of vegies and I'm hoping the sun won't spoil them as he's trying so hard this year. Silver beet, cucumber, beans, broad beans and broccoli.

  9. Yes...I heard on the news about the heat you guys were experiencing down your way. Don't overdo things in the heat...relax and read a book or two. The housework never goes it will wait for you...and for the heat move onto somewhere else.

    Cuddles for Angel. :)

  10. Delores; some cats do that?

    Joanne; three times a day? Mine get once a day with a skipped day here and there. Maybe that's my problem..

    Manzanita; they won't be lost, they're bulbs, so I can't just replant them next autumn. Meantime, I'll move the pots to where they'll get a bit of shade.

    lotta joy; I'm coming to see your pineapple soon. I think our black grit is partly from a couple of houses nearby being demolished and some new construction a couple of blocks in the other direction. Usually we just get dust.

    Merle; big pots are a problem, thankfully mine are small enough. Do you have a hand truck (dolly) to move your big pots with?

    Friko; I used to wait, but now there's fluff balls and hair from the cat everywhere, so I clean more often.

    Vicki; probably succulents are my best option for the porch, there is no shade at all, so the leaves and petals are getting sunburnt. It's such a tiny porch, I think one pot with a mix of mini succulents might be best. I need room to get in and out with my granny trolley.

    Mimsie; there is no way to put up any shade cloth, nothing I can attach it to, the plants will be better off in the side garden. Can Phil put shade cloth over the veggie beds? In the past I've had a very large shade cloth house where I grew vegetables successfully.

    Lee; our temps. are back into the 20s this week, so a little relief for the pots. I'll move them some time today or tomorrow, then in the cool they'll recover and adjust before the next wave of heat.


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