thunder, lightning, rain

We're having a bit of a storm here in Adelaide right now, thunder, lightning, rain, I'm loving it. 8.16pm

Anyway, Angel was walking towards the open front door, he likes to sit there and watch the rain, and we had a very loud crash of thunder.

Poor Angel jumped about a foot in the air, then took off into the bedroom.

I'm very glad we didn't have this storm last night while The Rolling Stones were performing at Adelaide Oval!

Now the lights are flickering, so I'll shut down in case I get fried. Not me personally, the laptop.


  1. Poor Angel...those big bangs can be frightening.

  2. Remy and Shama's sanctuary when the thunder rolls is under my bed.

    We need rain badly up this way. I wish we'd get a week of good steady rain...the damaging storms can stay away, but the rain is welcome any day...or night...or both.

    The Stones' concert has been getting good reviews all day. They'd be great to see in concert...age does not weary them.

  3. My cat is nowhere near thunderstorms.

  4. Cats know where to go, under the bed.
    You could get fried too, if a bolt traveled through your window, or so I've heard tell.

  5. The storms did not release all their energy in Adelaide. We copped it here at 2am.

  6. Delores; he usually handles thunder rather well, but this was really close just as he was reaching the open door.

    Lee; Angel was back at the door a bit later watching the hail. I wish I'd been able to see the concert, but I don't go to those things. The noise and crowds is just too much to handle. I wish they'd shown more of it on TV.

    Joanne; Angel is fine with them as long as the thunder isn't too low and close to the house.

    Manzanita; bolts through windows? I wonder if that happens a lot.

    Andrew; so you got some much needed rain too.

  7. I don't go to concerts anymore, either, River...for the reasons given.

    A couple of Christmas/New Years ago,; they ran a whole live Stones concert on was absolutely brilliant.

  8. My cats are always very close in thunder storms.

  9. Oh dear poor Angel, but I love wild weather too River!

  10. Lee; I'll be watching the programming to see if they play this concert eventually.

    Merle; Angel sits by the door and watches the rain and lightning.

    Rose~from OZ; he's fine, usually doesn't get spooked at all. This particular thunder clap was just much louder and closer than he's heard before. He sat by the door and watched the hail a few minutes later.


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