Thursday Thoughts #18

From Dead Beat by Jim Butcher:

As advanced as mankind likes to think it is, we all have that age-old primal, undeniable, dread of darkness. Of being unable to see danger coming. We don't like to think that we're afraid of the dark anymore, but if that's true, then why do we work so hard to make sure our cities are constantly lit? We cloak ourselves in so much light that we can barely see the stars at night.

My thoughts today:  

I'm one of those people who think men (and women) look more interesting and appealing as they get older. 
I don't go ga-ga and googly-eyed over the pretty boys on television shows, the ones who may very well be over 25 but look like they've just begun high school. 
I prefer men who look like men, with more character in their faces. A line or two, even several is fine. There is a point at which a pretty boy crosses the line and looks mature. They look like they have lived, not just sat around with mud packs to preserve the youthful look.
We all know Brad Pitt, right? 
Pretty, pretty, pretty. For years. And years. 

I saw Brad Pitt's face on a bus advertisement recently for the newest movie he is starring in. Fury I believe it is called.
The 'boy' now looks like the man he is. That change was coming a while ago, but now it's complete and I think he looks better. 

I remember when Sean Connery played James Bond. He wasn't a boy and didn't look like one, but he was prettied up and polished and I liked his voice much better than his looks. Then he started to go grey and look more relaxed in his roles. James Bond was still polished but less so and other movies with Sean Connery in them were far more appealing.  I like the way Sean Connery looks in "Medicine Man" and "The Rock" far more than I do in his early James Bond movies. He looks pretty good to me in "Just Cause" too.

And what about all those "Boy Bands" currently on TV?  Is it just me or do they all look and sound alike?  Young, bright eyed, carefully styled thick and lustrous hair and the voices are all pretty much the same. I can't tell one from another. Individuals or bands. 

They simply aren't the same as the bands from years gone by, when a bunch of kids got together in Dad's garage and belted out their idea of music. They looked different too. One might have freckles, one might be ultra lean, one might be taller or shorter. They weren't clones of each other. Each band had their own sound too. When hearing them on the radio, you knew which group you were listening to. 


  1. You sound exactly like Mrs. Cranky.

    Fortunately for me she like "character"
    I've got plenty of that, and getting more every day.

  2. I agree with you on the subject of men...I like them rugged looking.

  3. Absolutely. Somewhere in the female DNA, I think there's an inherent reflex that finds a man who's graying at the temples, and has those sweet crinkly character lines beside his eyes to be deeply attractive, and someone to be trusted.

    I wonder why men don't think the same about us women...?

  4. Boys are for girls--since I became a woman, I much PREFER men!!

  5. I think it is that we age with the stars.

    When I was younger I liked the stars who matched me, or almost matched me in years; they were young and so was I. Now as they're growing old and I'm growing know what I mean...I hope. :)

    I do like Robert Pattinson, young though he is! :)

  6. That's quite true about bands. All members looked very different and had their own identities. Not so now. They are clones of each other.

  7. Oh snap. I much, much prefer a lived in face. And one that has had a life to live...

  8. joeh; thank you, I consider that a compliment as I'm sure Mrs Cranky has excellent taste.

    Delores; manly men, not toy boys, they're for us, right?

    Susan; the facial lines say a lot, often enough we can tell a man who is mean and/or vicious, not to be trusted, by the way his face has lined.
    I think men do feel the same, it's women who push themselves into hair dyes and face packs in a bid to remain "the girl he first met."

    fishducky; me too!

    Lee; possibly, although even when younger I preferred stars with character faces and the manly muscles that come from hard outdoor work. I don't like Rob Pattinson.

    Andrew; and how many of those clones will still be around in ten or twenty years from now? They'll have their 15 minutes of fame and be gone.

    Elephant's Child; a face that has lived and laughed is so much more appealing.

  9. Absolutely with you River, give me a lined and lived face, with a nice shade of grey hair any day. I don't mind a bit of handsome thrown it of course ;)

  10. Rose~from OZ; the hair doesn't necessarily have to be grey and yes, a little bit of handsome helps, but confidence and humor go a long way too.

  11. ... I love 'Medicine Man' of my favourite movies.... and I agree with you River.... most men do look better as they age.... Barb xx

  12. Have you seen the movie "Remember Me" starring Robert Pattinson, River; or "Water for Elephants" and "Little Ashes" wherein he plays Salvador Dali?

    When I was young I adored Tony Curtis. Marlon Brando, too, was a was, of course, Gregory Peck. Peck was probably my idol.

    Robert Redford and Paul Newman could cause the wobbles, too. :)

    I like rugged, too - it depends on the individual. Some rugged doesn't inspire. It all just depends on personal taste.

  13. Barbara; now I want to watch Medicine Man again. 'scuse me while I go put it on.

    Lee; I haven't seen any of those movies. Water for Elephants was on TV a while ago and I watched the beginning but missed the rest. You're right about rugged, it isn't always necessary, but I find the blondes and redheads unappealing.


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