the front page brought tears to my eyes

I bought the Saturday paper this morning as I do every week, for the real estate pages. I check out what's for sale, choose the ones I like best, then look at them online.
I can't afford a house, but I can still dream.

I didn't look at the paper until I got home from the shop, then damn if that front page didn't bring tears to my eyes. I didn't actually cry, but I came close.

The front page photo showed corporal Nathan Cirillo's two dogs, looking under the gate, waiting for a master who will never come home.

just look at those sad eyes

"WAITING: Peeking sadly out from under their gate, the dogs of slain soldier Corporal Nathan Cirillo wait patiently for an owner who will never return. It's a poignant image of a tragic event.  Yesterday, floral tributes were left outside Cpl Cirillo's home in Hamilton, Ontario, after the army reservist, who was guarding his nation's war memorial, was killed by a lone terrorist, sparking a global security crackdown. Yesterday, Australian anti-terror chief Neil Gaughan warned that it would be "naive" to think our nation was immune from such attacks. Full report page 4."

I read the page 4 report and learned that this young man was also a single father. He had a young son.

If you say this doesn't bring tears to your eyes, I won't believe you.


  1. fishducky; I knew you would be moved.

  2. I didn't know he was sole parent. So apart from the child, the dog knows one person and he is dead. Yep, you done me in.

    You and my partner should get together and dream about properties. I get fed up at the instability of talk about a cute cottage with a garden and room for a dog. Fortunately he is getting too old for such a drastic change.

  3. I saw this briefly on the news last night, but to linger over the photo is difficult and damp. We think the world cannot grow uglier and yet it does.

  4. I've been snivelling ever since it happened......I didn't think anything could make it worse but when those photos hit the internet it did me in.

  5. Oh, it brought tears to my eyes, that's for sure. I saw it first on TV and I began to blubber, and then the story ran in yesterday's paper. So very, very sad.....I'm getting misty-eyed just commenting upon it here.

  6. Andrew; two dogs, look again at the picture. R dreams of a cottage and garden? well, hello friend. I also dream of any place that has enough space that I don't bump into everything, where I could walk across the kitchen, instead of two steps and bam! up against the stove.

    Joanne; you're right. Just when we think we've hit rock bottom, someone brings in a trench digger.

    joeh; me too. many angry tears here.

    Delores; we saw more about it here on our news last night, I had to turn away.

    Lee; I'm dabbing with a tissue myself right now.


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