how times change

I started this blog way back in May 2010 and just now I was searching those first posts for something I'd written and I am really surprised by how chatty I was back then. 

It seemed I had something to say almost every day. 
Natter, natter, natter...someone shut her up please!

So what's happened to me?
I'm so quiet these days. I have my Sunday Selections which is mostly photos, my Musical Mondays with a video from you tube, Whimsical Wednesdays with a googled funny etc, but there's not much of "me" in all of those. 

Even last year and earlier this year I was out and about with my camera and telling you all about it with photos, but still, mostly photos. No "me". No chattering about my opinions. I do a little of that now, on Thursdays. But not much.

Perhaps it's because I don't get out much, I no longer go to work and going anywhere at all usually requires at least one bus ride, sometimes two, one bus to the city, another to where I'm going, which doesn't seem like a problem, but factor in the time spent waiting at bus stops to get anywhere, then more waiting at bus stops to get home again. 
Leaving the house just doesn't seem so appealing with all that standing around and waiting time.

Even more time, (much more time), is spent simply resizing photos and adding the blog name, so I can use them in posts. By the time I get done with  a day's worth of camera shots, it's too late and I'm too tired to think of something chatty to write. 

So there it is. The blog is here, but "me" is not. I'm going to have to put in more effort.

Want an example of how I used to be? Zip down to my archives and take a walk through 2010. 


  1. I think long term bloggers go through different stages in their blogs. No matter, you have plenty of readers and people who like you, whatever you write or don't write.

  2. I couldn't have penned it any better than Andrew did, and I can relate to much of what you said River.
    I've been missing, and am looking forward to catching up with your more recent posts. Lovely to catch up with you!

  3. Andrew; I've noticed other bloggers going through different stages, but wondered if I was perhaps becoming a bit stale and boring.

    Rose~from Oz; I saw your most recent post and didn't leave a comment yet, I also noticed your name in comments from way back in 2010. Like Andrew, you've stuck with me all these years. Thanks.

    fishducky; :) :)

  4. I've been musing lately on something, which will likely turn into a blog post. It is a simple thought - what is luxury to me?

    I think real, true luxury, is being able to stay at home and having everything I need right here.

    Leaving the house is not appealing to me at the moment, and I have a car, so I can imagine it would be even less so without one. :(

    I love your photos, when you post them. Maybe what you need to make things quicker is something like Fast Image Resizer. I actually switched back from Mac to Windows just because I hated iPhoto and the mac stuff for image resizing. Sephy found this one for me years ago.

    You just tell it what size you want the images, and drag and drop the folder across, and it resizes them all. It is free, which is also great.

  5. I doubt you could ever become dull and boring so perish that thought.
    Whether you write about Angel, your garden or the occasional outing I find everything you write very interesting and your use of Dolores' words always fascinates me and other.
    Just keep on being you and I am sure we will all be very happy. :)

  6. I know what you mean...when I first started I posted several times a day every day.. now it's writing prompts and maybe two or three other times a week I'll post something. I'm not even taking pictures as much. I guess maybe we just run out of stuff to talk about????

  7. Hi River,

    Me too - I think - but the main reason for me is that I am too busy and the number of distractions is increasing, almost to the point where I have considered giving it up for a while.

    However, I really think I need to focus more on my blog rather than the distractions - maybe.




  8. Snoskred; "...being able to stay home and having everything I need right here." If that's true luxury then I have it!
    The resizing program I have is fast enough, but adding the blog name to each photo takes time, I'm a two finger hunt and peck typist. Plus the number of photos which have to be sorted into categories, birds, animals, flowers etc and by date so I can find them easily for posting's just hours and hours some weeks. It's me that is slow, not the program.

    Mimsie; thank you so very much. I have to admit, sometimes Delores's words are the highlight of the week, weaving them into a story is a real challenge. And Elephant Child's garden photos are always looked forward to.

    Delores; that's it! We've run out of stuff to talk about. And it is way too hot to be wandering about with a camera. I love your writing prompts even if they do make me tear my hair out sometimes, because they make me think.

    Plasman; of course you are way too busy, working, raising boys, travelling. I think your distractions are probably more important, especially if they involve work or family.

  9. "The resizing program I have is fast enough, but adding the blog name to each photo takes time, I'm a two finger hunt and peck typist."

    I had the exact same problem with my screencaps for Breaking Bad, when I started doing them. I name each one for the season number, episode number, and then photo number - eg s01e031, s01e032. And this was taking me forever. Until.. :)

    I found a little trick.

    Each season has a folder. Each episode has a folder. This makes it easier to find photos relating to thoe episodes. I spend some time before starting each season creating the directory for the coming episodes.

    Now, when I save the pics in each directory, I save them as as 1, 2, 3, etc. Then I go into the directory, click on the first photo until you can change the file name, and paste in the s01e03 bit. And then I do that for each photo.

    It takes me so much less time this way. :)

  10. Snoskred; I'm thinking of just cutting down on the number of photos.


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