Thursday Thoughts #15

Book Quote: from one of the Harry Dresden's by Jim Butcher.

"Sleep sounded like a great idea and with so many things going on, the smart option was to get lots of rest in order to be as capably paranoid as possible."

Today's thought: something I read in a newspaper a couple of weeks ago:

(this is a direct quote of the whole article, minus the photo)

"Flesh Food

A chef has created burgers that taste like human flesh using first-hand accounts of cannibalism to get the flavour as close as possible. 
James Thomlinson designed his burger using veal, chicken livers, bone marrow and pork to make the macabre meal. The chef, working in partnership with fellow food creative Miss Cakehead, will be giving away the controversial cannibal burgers at a secret pop-up restaurant in east London to mark the forthcoming fifth seriesof hit TV show, The Walking Dead."

Well, I don't know about you, but I'll take my burger with just beef and seasonings thank you very much. 
I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.
Would you try such a burger? 
As stated above, I prefer my own homemade beef burgers, I'm not at all adventurous when it comes to my food. I do try a new recipe now and again, but I always read the ingredients list first and if I can't adapt it to my tastes, I don't bother. 


  1. I think walking dead is such a phenomenon that thousands of zombyists will be lined up.

  2. No I definitely would NOT try that me the creeps just thinking about it.

  3. Sure--I'll try anything!! From a post about my sister-in-law: She was given a gift of chocolate covered ants & bumblebees & invited me over. I was the only one she knew who would be willing to try them with her. They tasted sort of like a Nestle’s Crunch bar. They were good!

  4. If you have never tasted human flesh, how would you know what it tastes like? How could cannibals really describe it? Yuk!

  5. Gross. So glad I'm vegetarian.

  6. Joanne; I think you're onto something there.

    Delores; it wouldn't be to everyone's taste. They may be popular initially as "the new thing in town", but I wonder how long that will last.

    Joeh; you are so sensible.

    fishducky; you can have mine too then. My mum used to buy chocolate covered ants, I probably shared them when I was very small. But when it comes to meat, I'm a lot fussier.

    Andrew; good points you've raised there. how would you be able to describe the taste? even describing things normally eaten is difficult. Chocolate for instance, sweet; easy to understand. But then what, chocolatey? If someone has never tasted chocolate they wouldn't know what that means. Smooth and creamy do nothing to help, since they are textures, not flavours.

    Vicki; I'm not vegetarian, I HATE the texture of lentils, I don't care how you cook them, they are yuk to me; but I don't eat much meat either. Especially processed things like burgers, I make my own so I know exactly what is in them.

  7. The ingredients in his burger sound edible and eatable but not the reason for manufacturing it. Just to have something different in a burger...OK....but to taste like human flesh. YUK! No!
    The very concept of making a TV show entitled "The Walking Dead" makes my skin creep.
    No wonder the world today is so used to mayhem with shows like that and constantly being bombarded with killing and murder.
    Whatever happened to love and gentleness? Is it gone forever? I sincerely hope not.

  8. Not all vegetarians eat lentils - they're not a vegetarian staple. One doesn't need to be so limited with the huge variety of alternatives out there...

  9. A relationship cannot last without respect. The same goes for a nation. For me, this has gone beyond lack of respect.

  10. What can I say? No more burgers for me for a long time.

  11. Mimsie; I agree the ingredients don't sound bad at all, but the idea of it tasting like human flesh does. I remember a book I read many years ago about New Zealand, set in the far past, it had in it several chapters of the New Zealand natives cooking and eating what they called "Long Pig", this was in actual fact, humans who had been shipwrecked off the NZ coast then captured by the natives. Perhaps this is where someone got the idea of trying to replicate the flavour.
    I've never seen The Walking Dead, so I can't comment on it.

    Vicki; I know there are other foods, soy for instance. I haven't explored it fully, but I've tried a few vegetarian options from the supermarket freezer section and I've eaten in a vegan cafe, just once years ago, when I had lunch in town with my grand daughter and her vegan boyfriend. They have since broken up.

    Manzanita; I can see why. Eating something developed specifically to taste of ourselves just doesn't seem right.

    Susan Kane; I'll still eat burgers, but I'll make them myself. I think these "Flesh Burgers" are only available at that particular restaurant. Not in supermarkets for everybody.

  12. That could be one of the reasons I've not had a burger in a long time!

  13. Lee; this recipe is fairly newly developed, you'll have to think of some other excuse.


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