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Saturday, October 4, 2014

taking back my Saturdays

I've spent the last few years posting almost every day, with a week off here and there and recently I decided Tuesdays would be "Time-Out", with no posting and reading/commenting only if I felt like it.
I enjoy the time away from the computer, I find my day is much more relaxed and I get things done without hurrying because the computer is waiting for me.
I still enjoy my blog and all the others that I read, but sometimes, (just sometimes), I feel it has all become a chore. My blog I mean, not reading all yours out there, that's still fun.

To counteract a possible burnout, I'm taking back my Saturdays. So now there will be two days a week I don't post, unless I have something really interesting to say.
Because the computer was locked away as soon as I scheduled my Sunday Selections this morning I had hours to myself and here is what I did:

5am: gave Angel his breakfast, then I went back to bed for a while, he lets me do that now, but I was uncomfortable because of a few pulled muscles (gardening), so I was up again at 5:40.
I had coffee, read several chapters of my current book, started a load of washing. It's a hot sunny day, so I'm washing everything that needs it.

I cooked and ate a pancake breakfast, got dressed, made the bed, washed the breakfast dishes.
Took the first load out of the machine, put in a second load, hung out the first load. The second load took a while to wash, so I used the time to mix and bake a banana cake, mix a second cake, wash up all those dishes, take cake one out of the oven, put in cake two, dry the dishes.
Second load of wash finished, checked cake, hung out load two, came in and took cake two out of the oven. How's that for perfect timing?

so there it was...10:30am, everything done and I hadn't had to rush at all.

I caught a bus to the city, another bus to Bunnings hardware store, bought a few things, checked on some prices, did the two-bus relay back home again.
Had coffee, read the paper, watched a movie.
It's been a fantastic day, for Angel as well as me. He streaked around the house working off his energy while I was baking cakes and hanging clothes, then took a nice long nap while I went out.
It's almost his dinner time now, so I expect him to jump up onto the table soon.

The pedestal and dish were glued together last week, I left them to dry thoroughly for about three days because I couldn't decide where to put it, but finally I dug a hole, wasn't too hard, I've been watering to keep the ground softish, and the pedestal is placed in the front corner. I'll get a photo of that soon.
Meantime, with everything done and a frozen meal (homecooked) waiting to be microwaved, I have time to read a few blogs.

Here's a quote I saw in today's paper:
"life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."


  1. I love the quote--taking a second day off can be your dance in the rain!!

  2. I know just what you mean. The computer can begin to dominate your life and although you can do pleasant things with it, other things are screaming out to be done.
    I noticed you have or are having a few warmer days in Adelaide but, like us in Perth, it appears to be cooling down again. Much too soon for prolonged heat. I think we will both get far too much of that this coming summer.
    I had read that quote before and it is one we should perhaps stick up on the fridge to remind us that is what life should be all about.
    We really must learn to dance in the rain, not that we get a lot of rain here but that was not really the meaning of the quote. It's just me being facetious.
    We will still occasionally be hoping for more lovely pics of Angel as he is so beautiful. I think he should have been a girl but there you go. I sometimes look at Candy and think if she were larger she could be a boy.
    Main thing is they bring us happiness and hopefully we do the same for them.
    Glad to know Angel didn't want breakfast till 5am today.
    Hope the aches in the muscles will soon ease.

  3. An impressive list of achievements for the day.

    And I do hope your aching muscles learn to play nicely.

  4. fishducky; if we had rain I'd dance in it. I'll have time for reading the 50 or so books I have waiting, not to mention all the ones loaded on my kindle. And there will be naps.

    Mimsie; Angel still gets his dry biscuits at 3am, but no longer needs me to stay up, I just wish he would go to them by himself.
    I love that quote, it's such a simple premise; learn to cope, or a different way of coping.
    I have found the computer dominating far too much of my time. I'm not a speed reader or fast typist, and I feel the need to not leave anyone out, so going through blogs takes far too long, then I find myself trying to fit in other things while pages are loading and if I want to look something up on Google, there's more time gone.
    We had a hot day here today, the forecast was for 31C, but I didn't watch the news or weather so don't know if that's what we had. I did lower the blinds, inside and out, and turned on the aircon to give it a run before we really need it later.

    Elephant's Child; and all done by 10:30am so I had time to go to Bunnings! The achy muscles are entirely my own fault, I overstretched reaching up to trim ivy that grows over the back fence and twines around our washing lines. Dammit! That line is for my clothes, not 'their' ivy! But I reached too high and now my whole right side is complaining rather loudly.

  5. I'd miss you after you did not post for three days. I don't feel obliged to post every day, but somehow I do. That may change in the future. Btw, you mentioned trams in Rundle Mall. I have been looking and a large and hopefully well researched post on Adelaide's old trams is underway. I really enjoy the researching on such things.

  6. I've been noticing the same thing....too much (WAY too much) time spent on my butt staring into a computer screen. It's not healthy. On the other hand, winter is coming and what else am I going to do?

  7. Andrew; I'm only going to miss Tuesdays and Saturdays, unless I have something to say or a photo to put up. I'm glad you like researching, I don't because I can never find what I'm looking for.

    Delores; it's addictive. You sit down for 'a few minutes', then when you look up hours have passed.

  8. I love it when my little guy streaks from one end of the house to the other. We call him "cartoon cat" because the floors are wood and sometimes his legs seem to spin, like in the cartoons.

  9. .....River.....I have the same quote hanging in my dining reminds me to look for alternative ways to do things. Your new planned slowing down sounds great.
    Enjoy recharging your energy levels and have some fun..... Hugs ... Barb xxx

  10. Once upon a time I used to dance in the rain often...and loved doing so. I danced mainly in the rain when I lived in Far North is a wonderful feeling; and the rain makes your skin and hair feel absolutely wonderful; not to mention one's spirits.

    Would it be okay if I swung by later this morning to have a slice or two of the banana cake along with a cup of coffee or tea, River? I love banana cake.

    If you're otherwise occupied and that's not suitable, I might just have to get myself organised later and make one for myself. :)

  11. Goodness, I'm tired just reading about your day, phew. Put your feet up today and rest woman lol.

    That quote is one I us often, its on my other blog too as an inspiration. One we should try to live by.

  12. Joanne; spinning legs? That would be funny to see. If only you could capture it on video. It would go viral on You Tube.

    Barbara; I wouldn't mind getting a copy of the quote myself. I'll keep an eye out and buy one as soon as I spot one. I need to spend more time gardening and reading.

    Lee; I remember taking the babies out to dance in the rain when we lived in Brisbane, they loved it. I've just sliced the cake and put the kettle on, pop on in.

    Kakka; it was a great day and I didn't feel the least bit tired. I find I have more energy when the computer is shut down and put away.

  13. Great idea. I often wonder how those of you who post every day, do it. A couple of days off to relax and enjoy yourself will always be beneficial, and you'll enjoy the blogging all the more for it.

  14. Jackie K; I try to get a bit of spare time by pre-scheduling many posts, but that in itself takes a lot of time. What really eats up the hours is the time spent resizing and naming the photos I use.