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Friday, December 2, 2016

Wednesday's Words on a Friday

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write, a story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.
If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the words are supplied by Carolyn McBride and can be found here.

This week's words are:
1. merkin
2. kibbe
3. truck
4. supernatural
5. sozzled
6. chubasco ( severe squalls of wind & rain, esp. along the west coast of Central America)
7. whiskey
8. sunshine

Here is my story:

I groaned and rolled over on the seat, holding my head.  Never again, I swore to myself. 

I'd parked my truck near the edge of the cliff and sat there for hours getting sozzled on whiskey while watching the chubasco rage over the opposite shore. If it turned this way, I'd be in deep trouble, those windy squalls could easily blow a small truck like mine off the edge.
Luck was with me however, and the chubasco turned west and blew itself across across the open fields there.

Why was I drinking myself into oblivion? My girlfriend, my newly ex-girlfriend had been seen cavorting in the woods, with her new boyfriend, in nothing more than a merkin. A merkin! And for me she'd played the demure innocent. 

I'd stolen Uncle Simon's biggest flagon of moonshine and headed for the clifftop.
Now, my head felt like someone was splitting it open with an axe, the sunshine through the windshield so bright it was almost supernatural.

I sighed and started the truck, turned it around and headed for the road. I'd have to ignore the splitting of my skull until I got home. With luck Aunty Colleen would have saved me some of her famous Kibbe

A full stomach and some of Uncle Simon's "cure-all" would help me sleep until the hangover was gone.


  1. Replies
    1. S.J.Qualls; thank you, I was stumped by kibbe until I googled it.

  2. As always an excellent use of very disparate prompts.

    1. Elephant's Child; thank you too, the words were a good challenge this week.

  3. Replies
    1. Fishducky - A merkin is anartificial covering of hair for the pubic area. Quote- "A merkin is a pubic wig. Merkins were originally worn by prostitutes after shaving their genitalia, and are now used as decorative items, erotic devices, or in films, ... Merkins originated in the 1450s.

    2. fishducky; what Lee said.

  4. Those daring, merkins cause problems...but increase the profits of those giving Brazilian wax jobs!!

    Well done, River...a good little yarn! :)

    1. Lee; thank you. I really don't see the point of merkins myself, after all, one gets a Brazilian to be bare, so why then buy something to cover up?

  5. You took some extremely difficult words and make a terrific story.

    1. only slightly confused; thank you :)

  6. Once again you have woven the words into a very interesting story. What causes our brains to go where they go? All so different...all so terrific. Bravo River!

  7. Granny Annie; thank you. The words were interesting this week weren't they?

  8. .. a sad little tale... but this is how many cope with life.. well done River... Barb xxxx

  9. Barbara; sad now, but he'll recover and move on. She wasn't right for him anyway.