next month's Words for Wednesday

will be brought to us by Lee, from the Kitchen Connection.

Don't forget to hop on over, she's bound to have some good words.
Every Wednesday in April. 

Thank you all for the wonderful stories this month.


  1. And thank you for the most excellent words you gave us.

  2. Thank you, River, for both your contribution this month, and for leaving the breadcrumb trail leading towards me in April! :)

  3. Great words this month...big shoes to fill Lee but I'm sure you are up to it. Gosh this is fun isn't it?

  4. only slightly confused; I'm enjoying this very much and want to thank you, Delores for unleashing the words and stories I never knew I had in me.

  5. I always enjoy reading all of the stories and contributions.
    Well done to everyone.

    All the best Jan


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