Sunday Selections # 318

Welcome back to Sunday Selections.

Begun way back in the mist of time by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock and now continued by me, with a drastic relaxation of rules.

Originally meant for showcasing old photos lost on your files, never seeing the light of day, the meme has morphed into photos of your choice, new or old, good or not-so-good, anything you please, but nothing rude please.

If you are participating, please leave me a comment so I can buzz along and have a look.
Elephant's Child always participates, and her pictures are always worth seeing.

Today we'll continue walking through the grounds here, now that Angel is safe at home.

not the garden, obviously, these are my footprints in the dust on my scales, which shows just how little I bother to weigh myself. Usually these scales live under my bed, guess I should vacuum under there more often (*~*)

the clivia under the lilly pilly tree are into their third year now and each clump is bigger than when first planted. They will spread to cover the area eventually. The flowers are finished for this year.

these are the fruits or berries on what I thought was a daphne but isn't. This bunch is quite large, they look like olives,

while other parts of the bush have smaller berries in larger clumps.

Someone's dwarf white agapanthus, in its second summer now, is flowering better than it did last year.

the hawthorn bushes are all completely covered in these small berries which all look like they're watching us through their single eyes. Bit spooky? Like little aliens scouting the area.

the once pink hydrangea has faded and dried to papery white

but now the cyclamens are beginning to flower, it's their turn. These pinks are usually first while the red ones further around in a different garden will flower a bit later.

a little blurry, these twinkle phlox are still showing pretty colours in a tub behind the cyclamen.

just across from my flat, this spread of greenery was just a few individual plants when I moved in,

the ones at the morning sun end are standing taller than the rest.

this cheerful pot of marigolds belongs to a neighbour who has been here just under a year; in that time he has amassed an impressive number of flowering pot plants and solar lights. In the evenings, his corner looks like fairyland.
The neighbour next to him came out and asked what I was doing, so I asked if I could photograph her ornaments. "Of course", she said, so I did.

look at this cuteness!

and this one with pink phlox in the bowl. These flats get morning sun, so all the flowers grow well.

I LOVE this birdbath, which has a pot of something sitting in it, no water.

more cuteness, a tiny bird eating a tiny pomegranate,

and a little black birdcage with a mosaic candle holder inside. This neighbour then asked if I would like to see her indoor ornaments. "Of course" I said, so we went into the lobby which she has decorated with plants and buddha statues, then upstairs where I saw this 

pretty green (plastic) butterfly in a plant that I know, but can't recall the name of. Here there were more plants, more buddhas and pretty mirrors. Then C showed me inside her flat. She has lived there just over 20 years and WOW! This place is gorgeous! 

Her entire decor is black, white and silver, with two huge pale beige sofas and touches of muted yellow on the throw cushions. She has two bedrooms and the smaller one, she has turned into a separate dining room. Glass table, black chairs, giant silver framed print on one wall, glittery chandelier. Stunning!

This is the chandelier in her bedroom. See the small corner of dark colour? The wall behind the bed is papered in dark grey printed with silhouettes of lamps similar to...

these adhesive lamps which are on each of her wardrobe doors. Lucky C has a whole wall of wardrobe, also in the dining room, which has..

silver adhesive lamp decorations.Sophisticated, stylish and very feminine.

On the way home I took one more photo, 

one of C's pots of orange and yellow portulaca. 
My own portulaca seeds were planted and promptly disappeared. I have another packet which I will plant eventually.


  1. Such lovely neighbors. Friendly, too. I like the chandelier, that's really cool.

    1. S.J.Qualls; almost everyone here is friendly. The neighbour has a chandelier in every room, even the bathroom.

  2. It's wonderful that everyone there shows pride in their surroundings and in their homes. It appears you are amongst nice folk.

    I hope you have a great week, River....cuddles to the angel named "Angel"! :)

    1. Lee; almost everyone, there are some who just leave 'their' garden area as it was when they moved in, then there's me who has no style to speak of, with mismatched furniture.
      The angel named Angel is sleeping and drooling on my new doona cover (*~*)

  3. Replies
    1. Joanne; and here autumn is coming, we have our first taste of cool and wet this weekend. I'm sure there will be another hot spell before the season really settles in though.

  4. Lovely collection of gardens and bits and pieces.

    1. Merle; there are so many buts and pieces in the gardens. Sadly some gardens are behind the flats where I can't go, even without fences it seems like an invasion of privacy being in someone's back yard.

  5. I don't know phlox but they look pretty. It sounds like you are among a keen gardening community. I thought portulaca would be easy to grow. It is hard to stop spreading, I remember.

    1. Andrew; almost everyone potters in the garden a bit, the ones that get morning sun have the best flowers.

  6. .. what a lovely walk around the grounds today River... I love your neighbour's little statues and plants... Her flat is beautiful inside ... Love the colour scheme ...
    have a great day ..... Barb xxxxx

    1. Barbara; thank you. Her flat is beautiful, not at all my style, but I can appreciate it. My style is more mish-mash, with books and dvds and colour.

  7. This is a lovely post. Your neighbours flat sounds lovely - but not my style. I am definitely more on the mish-mash side of the equation, but can appreciate elegance.

  8. Good to see each person showing their 'things', always nice to see people taking pride in their garden etc. Do like dwarf white agapanthus, we have blue ones, just a few out the front.

  9. I enjoyed the walk and seeing your photo's.
    It's always lovely to see colourful plants and flowers, I love the colour of those cyclamens.

    All the best Jan


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