Words for Wednesday

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write, a story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.
If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the words are supplied by me and can be found here.

This week's words are:




Have fun! My story will appear at this site on Friday. If I can think of something.


  1. Great selection....I'll try to have something up tomorrow using these.

  2. only slightly confused; I'm sure you'll come up with something good :)

  3. Jane had always been proud of her mother. A dynamic woman who was interested and interesting. Until she was felled by Alzheimer's disease, brought so low that the first woman to be mayor of her town couldn't remember her name or recognise her children. How could the hundred and one qualities which made her such a inspirational woman just disappear.
    .Jane was worried. Quietly frantic. There was no doubt about it. If she didn't write things down in her precious notebook they were gone. For good.
    Were these the first signs that she was going to join her mother, lost in a bewildering world? No. Hell no. If her suspicions were confirmed she would take her own exit from the world early instead...

  4. Elephant's Child; a little on the dark side today, with Jane making plans like that. I'm wondering if perhaps the dreaded condition might just creep in so silently she doesn't realise it, even with writing things down. After all, those who have it, don't know they do.

    1. River: There is a dreadful period before it takes hold completely where people DO know they have it. One of my mother's friends fell into that category and was desperately unhappy until it took more of her mind away.

    2. It's a sad, heartbreaking disease, that's for sure. My first husband is going through the early stages. He's aware of what is going on. The day is coming when he won't be.

      You touched a chord, EC.

    3. I am so sorry Lee. It is one of the cruelest illnesses, for the person who has it, and for those who care for and about them.

    4. EC; I did not know that. So sorry for your ex, Lee.

  5. And the week has flown by again....

    "It must have been the FIFTH time Fran had run back up the RAMP as she helped collect what seemed like a HUNDRED cartons filled with the latest fashions from the Sydney MANUFACTURER for whom she worked.

    With adrenaline pumping wildly through her body, she checked her NOTEBOOK. Time was of the essence of that there was no DOUBT; it was FLYING by.

    Shortly she would have to JOIN the models who had already started to arrive for their initial fittings and rehearsals.

    Through her many CONNECTIONS within the fashion world Fran had managed to hire the hottest model currently gracing the catwalks throughout city. Georgie May had all the QUALITIES Fran was seeking to show off the show-stopper of the new season’s

    The instant she knew Georgie was free on the dates set for the showings, INSTEAD of going through the usual channels, Fran arranged to meet Georgie at the popular cafe they both frequented. Katie SIGNED her up without hesitation."

    1. Lee: Love it - and much more positive than I can manage this week.

    2. Thanks, EC.

      I just drew on real experiences when I worked within the fashion industry. My little tale is not too far from the truth - "faction"...and combination of "fact" and "fiction"! :)

    3. Lee; great story, I hope Georgie May does a fantastic job and they get lots of orders for the clothes.

  6. It's not always easy to think of something to write - today I had time but mind was 'blank'.. oh dear :)

  7. It was lying in the mud at the fifth step of the ramp, the pages flying as if they were trying to escape with each gust of wind. She doubted it would be useful but picked up the stained notebook anyway and dropped it in the evidence bag. She signed the plastic tape and sealed it tossing the bag in the plastic bin beside her. Going through garbage was not the reason she had joined the murder section of the department yet there was lots of debris ahead. There must be a hundred more compelling reasons for being here, but she could not think of one on this gray, cold, and misty day. Pulling her collar closer and scanning the warehouse behind her, she instead concentrated on finding the connections: the fiberglass manufacturer, the gay bar at the end of the street, the missing shoes, the tulip bouquet, and most oddly the three stuffed squirrels. (Guess who has been reading too many mysteries for escape.)

    1. Tabor: Love it - and would really like to read more of this tale.

    2. Tabor I love this too and welcome to drifting. Mysteries are a great way to lose a few hours on a cold and wet day.

  8. I know I don't partake in the writing - but I always enjoy reading.

    Thanks everybody

    All the best Jan


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