Thursday Thoughts #3

 I don't watch much television because it's all "reality" shows or cooking shows or singing shows. For heavens sake, we've had Australia's Got Talent, Australian Idol, American Idol, The X Factor, The Voice (and now we have The Voice Kids), Britain's Got Talent, and there's sport. Football, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Rugby Olympics, Winter Olympics, Tour De France, Tour Downunder etc etc etc. News? Meh, it's mostly bad, with a full twenty minutes of advertising to take our minds off it.

So I'll turn to my large collection of old movies and TV series and choose something to watch. Series? No problem. I'll go through those alphabetically, I'm currently up to E and I'm watching Eureka. 
Movies?Well, I'll choose something randomly and enjoy watching, then within a week, sometimes the very next day, that same movie will be shown on television!! 
In place of something else that was supposed to be showing.

We all know I've been concerned about my garden. You all remember that bed of large, prickly, unsightly Lomandras?  Well, they're gone. Yay! I tried digging one out myself and quickly realised there was no way in hell I was moving that bugger, so I rang a few local gardening handymen people that had advertisments in the weekly free paper, to get quotes.
This morning two of them turned up and began digging. They gave that up pretty quickly and resorted to tying a rope around the base of a plant, then one would lever it with a heavy shovel while the other revved up his truck and dragged. They did this for almost two dozen fully grown grasses.  They loaded the lot onto their trailer and took them to a mulcher and came back with a load of black mulch and spread it over the now empty bed for me.

Now comes the fun part. I have a bunch of replacement plants waiting and I'll get those planted tomorrow. At the moment I'm sorting out what will be placed where, according to height and spread of the plant when fully grown. The whole bed will have a softer, more colourful look and since I've chosen Australian Natives, they won't take much caring for or watering once they are established. With winter now upon us, I won't even need to water them much straight after planting as I would if I did this in the spring. Who's a clever girl then?

It's raining right now as I type this, so that will help to settle the new mulch and wash away the mud that got onto the driveway with the removal of each large grass plant.

I think I'll have soup for dinner, I have several tubs of homemade tomato-bean-vegetable soup in the freezer, one of those with a stack of toast will do nicely.


  1. Who indeed is a clever girl then! Well done and enjoy your new garden.
    (most) of the advertised "handymen" around here are cost-prohibitive!
    I am right with you re the TV shows, oh boy and one would think that with so many channels it wouldn't be an issue.

  2. Soup sounds good. I'm making chili tonight. Why is called chili when it's so hot?

  3. A very, very clever girl. And I am sooooo looking forward to photos as it develops.
    Television? Meh. So many channels and nothing to see.

  4. Dinner sounds lovely and the garden superb.

  5. I enjoy the shows like "X-Factor" and "The Voice" because I like to see and listen to new upcoming talent; and I'm always amazed at the wonderful talent we have in this country of ours. I find it relaxing just to sit/lay back and be entertained without having to think too much. I also like the cooking shows such as "MasterChef" & "My Kitchen Rules", probably because I used to cook professionally and I find it interesting watching others go through the stresses under pressures in the kitchens! lol

    I enjoy TV...and I have "my" shows that I watch and record. And I've always loved movies ever since I was kid. So I've always got something to watch. And I love "Dexter"!!!!

    I made a pot of chicken and vegetable curry I'll have some of that again today...finish off the last of it. It was very tasty so I'm looking forward to lunch. Lunch is always my main meal of the day.

    Now that I've almost written a book in this response, I shall bid you and Angel adieu, River! :)

  6. Some gardening jobs are just too hard and you need help glad you found some, handymen are a dying breed.
    As for TV tell me about it, I watch channel 2 and SBS more often now.

  7. Ugh, too much rubbish on TV these days.
    I'll watch Fawlty Towers (for the hundredth re-run time) - and still get a giggle out of it, Blackadder and The Vicar of Dibley.
    I love old movies, and the odd well made BBC series.
    Otherwise, hubby and I will watch DVDs when there's time. Winter is great for that.

    Looking forward to seeing pics of a softer bed of Aussie natives, which will delight the neighbourhood birds, for sure.

  8. Everyone; garden may not go ahead quite as planned. Removing the grasses exposed three small groundcovers which I had already planted a couple of months ago. This morning there is only one left and two holes in the ground where the others were. I am LIVID. And scared now, that if I plant the new stuff, that will get pinched too.

    Rose~from OZ; handy-men here are cost prohibitive too, I borrowed a few $$ from family members and got a guy who does seniors discounts.

    Delores; I can't eat chilli, it makes my face burn red and that lasts for days. Hurts a bit too.

    Elephant's Child; there will definitely be photos.

    Joanne; the garden will be a long time developing. Dinner was very yummy.

    Lee; I like Dexter too! And own seasons one to seven, haven't bought season eight yet. Apart from that we may not see eye to eye on television. What other shows do you like?
    Curry is one of the things I can't eat, along with chilli, because of my rosacea, these things cause it to flare up and my face feels like it is burning from the inside out and the bright red lasts for days.

    Merle; the weekly free papers usually have the back pages full of advertisements for jobs like this. I don't watch SBS at all, haven't even got it tuned in to my TV. Channel 2 has one or two things I like, but often I forget to turn them on.

    Vicki; I'm thankful for my DVD collection, but even with that a lot of the time I just read instead. Garden photos will come in time.

  9. Would have been good to see some photos of the plants being removed. They seem like that were very inappropriate plants.

  10. Andrew; I didn't think to photograph the removal process. It was drizzling rain anyway and I don't like to get the camera wet.

  11. I use a food saver much to my delight. I freeze my leftover soup then put it in a foodsaver bag, suck the air out, and it's good for months. Last night I enjoyed bean soup I had made in April without the mess. And no pan to wash.

  12. lotta joy; I always make soup in large quantities and freeze several individual serves in plastic screw top containers. Same with spaghetti sauce and casseroles.

  13. ..sorry to hear about your groundcovers being stolen,River....
    not nice..
    I use our freezer quite a lot too.
    The mental picture of Angel jumping into the fridge is hilarious...if he goes missing you'll know where to check first... lol
    Hugs and Blessings ..
    Barb xx

  14. Barbara Neubeck; if Angel goes missing I'll check the wardrobe first, he's more likely to get shut in there.


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