has anyone ever succeeded in closing a Linked-In account?

I mean anyone, anywhere, ever, since the Linked-In thing began.

I signed up without really thinking about it, I don't know how long ago, but I soon realised it was  nothing more than a glorified job search network, which I don't need, and it has morphed into a place where people can also leave messages for each other similar to the facebook and twitter pages which I dislike and will never join.

So I'm trying to close the Linked-In account, following instructions to do so, yet every time I click on "close account" I get a page that says "oops we're having trouble loading this page", with a try again button below that.

I'm not happy, I'm pissed off. 
I want the account closed and it seems Linked-In doesn't want to let me close it.
How dare they?

Any suggestions? 
The "Contact us" link only brings up a page of options similar to a "help" page, so that isn't at all helpful.

Does anyone out there know anyone at all who has closed their account and how the heck did they manage it?


  1. I had a linked-in account, way back when, I don't think it is active and I wouldn't even know how to access it - so long ago, whatever email I used has long since been deleted...so sorry can't help.

  2. Oh dear. I'm sorry to hear that. I've resisted all invitations to join that site. Now, I'm glad I did.

  3. Sorry River, I never had an account there myself, I looked at a link from their site on closing an account but feel sure they are the same instructions you have already...

  4. I am sorry to read this. Like you, I joined yonks ago, and it is not for me. I may try and kill it off - and will get back to you if I succeed.

  5. I think I must have closed mine as I no longer get emails urging me to do whatever. But it was so long ago I can't remember now. Sorry, that is no help at all.

  6. I've had a few invitations to join but have never done so. Sorry I can't help.

  7. Still get emails from them, despite spam and unsubscribe.

  8. Sorry, I can't help you, River. I did open a Linked account a few years ago, and then I realised I had no need for it. How I cancelled, I have no idea. I can't remember.

    No doubt you've tried the below....

    "Go to the top right hand corner, put the mouse over the tiny picture of you, or the white box with the grey outline of you if you don't have a photo on LinkedIn.
    Go down to privacy and settings and left click.
    Re-enter your password if asked.Then click on the account tab on the left (see picture below)."

    OR...."Log in to your account, and then click the Privacy & Settings from your account menu at the top right of any LinkedIn page. Click the Account tab. Scroll down and click Change under Closing your LinkedIn account menu. The first account deletion page will ask you why you want to delete."


  9. No, sorry. Never joined. I get email messages from other people on it, but I'm not sure they even know. Like my best ol' ex-teaching buddy, Mabel.

  10. Wouldn't have a clue, but how annoying for you.
    They make it difficult because they want you to stay I expect.
    I have one but haven't used it for ever and a day and the email account I used doesn't exist anymore.

  11. Dang. I'm glad I don't know what L-in is. But I'm also glad you found a way to leave it (reading your posts backward).


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