Wednesday's Words on a Friday

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write, a story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.
If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the words are again supplied by Delores and can be found here.

This week's words are:

1. caper
2. scarper
3. trash
4. bedlam
5. seams
6. pennywhistle


1. glum
2. charmed
3. pork
4. glossy
5. pride
6. trench

Here is my story:

Janet looked decidedly glum as she sat all alone on the hard metal bench seat in the cell. Once again she had been charmed into another one of Big Dave’s capers. “You won’t get caught this time,” he’d said.  “I’ve got it all figured out. All you have to do is lean against the wall across the road and if you see a copper, blow hard on this little pennywhistle.”
“Across the road from where?” said Janet. “Cartwright’s Butcher Shop,” said Big Dave. “Me and the boys are planning a big cook-up down by the creek and we want a few dozen pork sausages. Colin already nicked a bag of onions from his mum’s pantry, she’s so muddle-headed she’ll just think she forgot to buy some.”
“I don’t know,” said Janet. “Last time PC Wicks told me I’d better keep my nose clean, I don’t think I wanna do this.” “Oh come on,” said Big Dave. “What harm can it do? You just hang around by the wall next to the bookshop, look at a few books if you want, just remember to keep an eye out for the coppers too. Four o’clock Thursday, it’s always real busy then ‘cos it’s payday and all the mum’s will be in getting the meat for the week’s dinners. Trevor reckons he can duck in and out in no time and old man Cartwright won’t even notice him” He flashed his famous smile and tossed his glossy, too long hair.
Janet tried changing the subject. “How’s Little Dave doing? He must be smiling and making sounds by now, what’s it like being an uncle?” 
“Pretty cool,” said Big Dave with pride, “until he spits up on your best shirt, I forgot to hang a towel over my shoulder. Now about Thursday..”  ‘Oh alright,” said Janet. “This pennywhistle better be good and loud, there’s always lots of traffic on paydays, mums all over the place, buying and gossiping. What if one of them corners me and asks what I’m doing?”  “Just tell them you’re looking at books and waiting for a friend,” said Big Dave. “Be on the look out for Trevor too, he’s going to be wearing his Dad’s old trench coat with the big inside pockets, he’s going to stuff the sausages in there, as many as he can fit.”
Janet could hear the rest of the gang, all boys, in the other cell. They were laughing and telling jokes about Trevor, how he hadn’t known his Dad didn’t wear the coat anymore because the seams were split on those inside pockets. In amongst the crowd of Mothers buying chops, mince, soup bones etc, Trevor had been stuffing sausages into the pockets as fast as he could, not noticing them falling right out again as the split seams opened up under the weight of them. One of the mothers had pushed past him to get to the display window and accidentally squished a few sausages, that’s how Trevor got caught.
Yelling, “scarper, scarper!” as the Mothers got hold of the coat and Trevor, it was bedlam inside Cartwright’s Butcher Shop as Colin, Big Dave, George and Sean scurried through the crowd of Mothers, making towards the door as old man Cartwright called the police on the phone.
They burst out of the door just in time to see PC Wicks, on his regular beat, stopping to talk to Janet, who looked stunned like a deer in the headlights, glancing from PC Wicks to the boys and back again, wondering if she should blow the whistle or chuck it in the nearest trash bin. PC Wicks noticed the boys too and rather sternly asked Janet if she knew what was going on, as the shiny black police car with two constables inside it, rounded the corner and stopped by Cartwright’s.
Janet burst into tears, so of course PC Wicks knew that she was involved and marched her over to the car.


  1. Poor Janet, she was too honest to even lie about being involved.

    A great tale River, I really liked this one.

    1. Jimmy; thank you. Janet is realising she can't get involved in shenanigans anymore.

  2. Poor girl. She needs to get rid of those guys.

    1. only slightly confused; yes she does. Or at least help them change. They've all hung together all their lives and now they're eleven and beginning to grow up.

  3. Poor Janet. Perhaps this time she will learn. And perhaps the boys will too.

    1. Elephant's Child; Janet has learned her lesson, just needs the boys to grow up and change their mischief making ways too.

  4. I would say the whole schmozzle was simply a boyish prank, Maybe by deprived and hungry boys and a impressionable young girl. All for a dozen or so gristle fat and sawdust filled bangers. er sausages. Interesting Story.

    1. Vest; definitely a boyish prank, one of many, but they all need to change their ways now they're beginning to grow up.

  5. A lot of fun...but a few snags in the plan!

    Janet will be wary of sausages and boys from now on!!

    Enjoyable romp story, River. :)

    1. Lee; small towns where kids roam together and make mischief and set in older days where the police just took you in and called your Mum to come and get you. but at eleven, now they are beginning to grow up and Janet has learned her lesson. She needs to help the boys change too. PC Wicks will play a part in that I'm sure.

  6. It will be a cold day in Not-Heaven before Janet wants to whistle at another sausagefest.

    1. Val; yes it will, Janet is no longer going to take part in any pranks.

  7. Lee. A few Snags ( Brilliant)

  8. You always write a lovely story.

  9. Janet will be wary of sausages and boys from now on!!

    ** ผ่านเว็บ B2BET**

  10. All little girls eventually outgrow the pranks played by their little boy pals. Hopefully, these boys will learn enough from this caper gone wrong to change their ways.

    Nice story, kiddo. :)

  11. Ladies beware of sausages . they may make you fat.


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