Words for Wednesday

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.
The aim of the words is to encourage us to write. A story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.
This month the prompts are supplied by ME and can be found right here.
If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.
This week's words are:

1. endless
2. glittering
3. aqua
4. glow
5. diamonds
6. pearls


1. bread
2. wallet
3. navy blue
4. directory
5. calculator
6. crossword puzzles

and a couple of extra photos from when I walked the coastal trail:

use all the prompts, or mix and match, just have fun with it.

Let the creativity begin!


  1. Oh those photos! Gorgeous scenery - Love those views!

    1. Grace; these views are from one of Adelaide's southern suburbs, easily accessible by train from the city centre.

  2. I love the scenery down under. I have a sunrise from Port Douglas as my WIndows background.

    Reminds me of serene scenery.




    1. Plasman; I've never been to Port Douglas. I've heard it's a lovely place.

  3. A busy day today. A blood test (mine not Jazz's). A haircut. Ditto.
    Thanks for the prompts. As I head out the door, here is my take.

    Coral sat on what 'her ' bench in the sun, surveying the incredible views, and the endless glittering sea framed by an equally endless aqua sky. When the sun hit the waves she could see diamonds dancing. The very best kind of diamonds, with a clarity and beauty more precious than the cold hard stones others flashed on their fingers and necks. She thought about pearls too. Pearls hoarded and grown beneath the jewel box of the ocean (where they belonged).
    Other people could focus on the contents of their wallet, and spend their free time agonising over the perfect navy blue outfit (with shoes to match). She had happily left those days behind. Long behind. She didn't need a calculator or a directory to know that she had enough for her simple needs; her daily bread and crossword puzzles to complete sitting in the sun. Bliss.

    1. Sounds a bit like me!! Good one, EC.

      I hope Jazz is a lot better...poor little guy. Cuddles for him from me.

    2. And, I hope all is well with you...take care. :)

    3. Elephant's Child; Love the story, as Lee says, that could be me also, apart from doing crossword puzzles in the sun. Too much glare for that. I hope your test comes back okay. I always hate waiting for results.

    4. What a perfect use of the words. I could really see myself there (wish myself there!)

  4. Off to ponder and see what comes up.

    1. messymimi; I'll pop in later to see what you've come up with.

  5. Here is my use of the words for today....

    As if in sympathy of her mood dark shadows fell over the normally glittering aqua-coloured ocean. The rays of the sun like diamonds and pearls had ceased their endless, joyful dance upon the water’s surface.

    As always, his navy blue leather wallet and old pocket calculator with its well-worn keys rested upon the phone directory on his antique mahogany desk. Unfinished crossword puzzles, which had been a favourite pastime of his were sad reminders he would never return to complete them. Everything would stay as they were. It was not in her heart to move a thing...enough had changed....forever. Reminders of him would remain on view, and in her heart.

    The saying “cast one’s bread upon the waters” described him to a “T”. He had spent his life doing good for others not expecting or asking for anything in return, other than their happiness and peace of mind.

    1. It sounds as if he will be missed. Today and every day.

    2. Lee; sad and sweet today. Nice that he was loved so much she wants to remember him by seeing his things every day.

    3. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

  6. Here's my offering. Sorry it's a bit long. I got carried away!
    A Modern Love Story
    She sat on the park bench puzzling over a crossword puzzle, absent-mindedly throwing the crusts from her sandwiches to the ducks. She became aware of someone standing in front of her, looking at the ducks on the lake. "You shouldn't feed bread to ducks," he said. "It's like giving them junk food."
    He turned around and flashed a smile. "But if you bring some proper seed next time, I guess it'll even things out."
    There was a spark of recognition. "You work in my office, don't you?" she said.
    "Yeah, I'm Matt from accounts. I've seen you round. You didn't look like a duck murderer but I may have to revise my opinion."
    "Ah, Matt from accounts. Not an ornithologist then?"
    "No, just a boring old accountant."
    "A boring old accountant with a duck fetish."
    He glanced at his watch. "Christ, is that the time? I gotta go."
    She watched his long legs clad in smart navy blue trousers disappear into the distance. She finished her sandwiches and as she got up to go spotted a wallet on the ground. Inside was a business card. Matt Smith, Chief Accountant, Barrow and Lindsay with the address and telephone number.
    She walked back to her office and asked colleague Sheila what she knew about Matt Smith, Chief Accountant.
    "I've vaguely heard of him," she said. "I think he has an office on the fifth floor with all the finance people. Look him up in the firm's directory, it'll tell you which is his office."
    She arrived at Room 512. The door was open and she could see him tapping away on a calculator.
    "You dropped your wallet in the park," she said. "I don't know if someone got to it before I did because there are no credit cards or cash in it."
    "No, I know. I took them out." She looked puzzled. "Yeah I thought I ought to as I didn't know if you were a part-time drug dealer."
    "What? Did you drop it on purpose so I would return it?"
    "Well, Alice, Creative Director, second floor. Busted."
    "You're an idiot."
    "I can't deny it. Let me take you out to dinner to apologise for my idiocy."
    "I'll think about it. Give me a ring later this afternoon. My number shouldn't be hard to find, not even for an idiot."

    1. I really like this - clever, and fun.

    2. AMKT; welcome to drifting. I love your fun story and I can see many happy days ahead for those two.

    3. How romantic actually, that he would go to such effort to really have a chance to talk to her.


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