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Thursday, December 22, 2011

finally! some parrots who didn't take to the heavens

You have no idea how long I've tried to get decent photos of these colourful birds.

Walking around my new neighbourhood last month I heard the squawking of feeding parrots not too far ahead of me, so I stopped walking and looked for them.

I spottted them in this bookleaf conifer and they'd seen me too so I stayed still for a moment, then very slowly went forward a step at a time as they watched and fed.
Usually parrots fly away as soon as I'm spotted, but these two must have been more hungry than wary.

I got as close as I dared while this one watched, it must have taken me as much as five minutes, one step at a time.

He (she?) hopped from branch to branch, taking an occasional bite, while keeping an eye on me.

This is the second parrot who'd retreated to the top of the tree as I inched forward.

I left them to their meal after taking just these few photos, backing away and crossing to the other side of the street before continuing my walk.


  1. I hope they appreciated your consideration for them. They are beauties.

  2. Gosh, they're so beautiful they don't even look real.

  3. Oh my gosh I have never seen a parrot outside of a zoo here in Michigan...must be awesome to actually see them free like that! Great pictures.

  4. You've out done yourself well done the 2nd and 3rd photos are the best ones :-).

  5. We get these guys about this time of year, they come up from Port Lincoln until the hot weather hits, I guess it's not that far across the gulf to you. I can see why they'd head your way but dont understand why they come North..

  6. Aren't they magical? I love the photo of the one in the top of the conifer looking down. Rainbow Lorikeets rock.

  7. Beautiful birds make for beautiful photos. It is something of a lucky country, isn't it!

  8. Delores; I think they did, they continued feeding and squawking as I walked away.

    Rubye Jack; they look painted don't they? You should check "The Elephant's Child's" blog, she has many photos of thee beautiful birds and others too.

    Jennifer Kay; none? Only in a zoo? That's such a shame. I'm sure you have other birds around though. Have a look at "The Elephant's Child's" blog to see more gorgeous birds.

    Windsmoke; thanks. Sometimes it pays to stand still.

    Tempo; it may have something to do with the types of food available for them at this time of year.

    EC; It certainly was a magical moment for me.

    FruitCake; lucky country indeed. Our bird life is so pretty.

  9. These are the parrots that my mother sees from her bed at the Home. I buy the bird seed bells which hang from the pergola and there's always at least 5 eating their hearts out.