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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jacaranda season in Adelaide

It's Jacaranda season again!
Things were a bit slow off the mark this year, probably because of the wet winter we'd had, but soon enough all the jacarandas began their flowering.

Many of our streets are lined with Jacarandas.

Looking up through the branches. I love the contrast of the dark bark against the bright blue of the sky.

a closer look at the pretty purple bells.

I like the way this one "frames" a section of the sky.
These are the seed pods of the Jacaranda. Pretty aren't they?


  1. Thanks for the great photos of one of my all time favourite trees.

    Your first photo has brought back the sense of some something or other I've always felt when in Adelaide, and I'm putting it on my list of absolute must visits for 2012.

    A happy and safe holiday season to you and all your readers.

  2. just makes me feel all that much more chilly here when I look at those lovely blooms.

  3. Just beautiful Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. This is timely as I was reading an old book the other day which had photos of a white jacaranda tree and I had no idea they came in a white variety.

  5. My parents had a Jacaranda in the back yard and it spread its branches out making a canopy nice and cool to sit under on a hot day and sleep under at night :-).

  6. FruitCake; "a sense of something"...laid back contentment perhaps?

    Delores; I thought photos of sunny skies would be warming for you.

    EC; thank you.

    JahTeh; a white Jacaranda? Now that's something I would love to see.

    Winsmoke; I remember living in Brisbane in the early 70's, we had a full grown Jacaranda that we hung a swing from for the kids, and two smaller ones.

  7. I have a beautiful Jacaranda in my back yard but it got hammered by the big storm last week and lost all it's blooms and half it's leaves. A sprinkling of fertilizer and it will be back next year...beautiful aren't they...

  8. Tempo; I didn't think they needed fertiliser. It would probably recover well on its own.

  9. Hi River,

    Blossoms on trees at Xmas - only Down Under.

    Hope you have a great Xmas and a fab New Year,




  10. Plasman; we're pretty special here downunder.

  11. I love the Jacarandas. I'd never seen them until we went on a trip up to the warmer parts of the mainland. I don't think they grow in chilly Tassie. They are stunning :)

  12. You guys might be interested in an article I have written about the White Christmas Jacarandas I have come across from Brisbane.