Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Friday, December 16, 2011

just a few more motorbike photos

This rider had to pull over and quit the ride because his radiator sprung a leak.

You can see the fluid leaking out.

Here is his bike. See the large puddle under it. When he pulled over the bike had smoke coming from it too.

His mate pulled over to wait with him as they phoned for another mate to hook up a trailer and come to rescue them.

This is just one of many, many, groups of riders waiting at the intersection lights.

I tried once again to upload a video, but it turns out the size of the file is a problem.
I have a couple of much shorter ones, but they only run for a few seconds, so you don't really get an idea of the magnificence of the flow of bikes.


  1. And a flow of a large number of bikes is magnificent, and inspiring. Heartwarming too when they are on a toy run. Thanks River. I loved the shot of them at the lights.

  2. EC; perhaps they do a toy run at the nearest large city to where you are. You could go to see it next December.

  3. They do, though I may have missed it this year. Seeing lots and lots and lots of bikes rolling past Parliament House is a sight to behold.

  4. The easiest way to get vids on your page seems to be uploading it to YouTube then simply linking it to your page.

  5. The bike does not look like a tough guy bike. Seems it wet itself among the big strong bikes. You should probably alter your camera setting to make the video lower quality, but I expect as Tempo says, You Tube can handle it.

  6. That's probably petrol leaking; most bikes are air-cooled.
    I bought a vintage BSA about a month ago: 1960 Bantam, 175cc.

  7. We have quite a few biking events in this area. Always exciting to see them rumble by.

  8. We get a ton of bikes through here all the time, mostly Harleys. They come for the great scenic drive and country roads I guess. Actually, it's probably because there is nothing else to do around here. Ha.

  9. I've known a few bikies in my time and not all bikies are as bad as the media and police make them out to be. Most are kind, gentle, generous and have families too :-).

  10. Hi. This is my first visit - absolutely love 'sometimes on the way to your dream, you get lost and find another one'. I just got lost you see...

  11. EC; next year google bikers toy run and find out what date it will be for next December.

    Tempo; I've never uploaded anything to You Tube, I suppose now is as good a time as any to learn, or at least try.

    Andrew; no it was just a dirt bike, there were lots of those, the toy run is open to anyone with a bike who wants to participate.

    R.H. definitely not petrol, this was greenish, like radiator coolant. Petrol is reddish tinged. The owner did say his radiator hose sprung a leak.

    Delores; we don't get many biker events, but there's always quite a few around town.

    Rubye Jack; there are a few scenic drives in our Adelaide Hills too, many bikes go through there often. Sometimes there's big groups of Harleys, I love them.

    Windsmoke; I haven't known any bikies, but I used to ride a small bike myself, my brother had bigger bikes and one of my sons had two bikes. I know that a lot of bikers are respectable members of society, there's just a few bad ones, mostly in the "gangs".

    Kitty Moore; welcome to drifting. Did you get lost on the internet? Or are you "lost" in real life?
    The quote doesn't belong to me, I've borrowed it from wherever I saw it.

  12. I've heard of radiators on bikes. I've never seen one. It's uncommon. And pansy.
    I know a bloke with an old Indian, 650cc, I'll be coming over to take you out on it. Boy, we will go fast, through the Adelaide hills and up the side of Ayers Rock.



  13. R.H. an Indian? I'd prefer a Harley.