Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

missed opportunity

Coming home from work yesterday, I was so very tired I could barely keep my eyes open on the bus.
(I really must start getting to bed earlier)

So when traffic slowed to a crawl, then eventually stopped altogether, I just gazed out of the window at the cause, another road accident.

But this one was something rarely seen on our streets, and it didn't occur to me until we'd moved on that I should have taken a photo.
My camera was right there in my bag, as always, but all I did was stare out the bus window at the accident scene.

A crashed ambulance.
Yes, you read that right....a crashed AMBULANCE!!

How often does one see that??

I'm so cross with myself !!  I'll probably never see such a sight again.
The smashed in front end was facing the bus, we were so close, a photo would have been great.

There was another ambulance and two firetrucks in attendance and a small red car, also smashed in, but not too badly from what I could see, was against the median strip. There may have been a third vehicle, judging by the amount of smashed area on the ambulance, but I couldn't see one.

Later in the day, after I'd had a nap, dinner was a disaster. I tried another frozen meal, this time a beef stroganoff with pasta.
 It was awful!
The meat was tasteless and chewy, the mushrooms like rubbber!
I packed it back up, marked it with a skull and crossbones, then put it back in the freezer.
I decided I'd just have toast and eggs. Hah!! The eggs were off. Tossed those in the freezer too, to wait for rubbish collection day and made a bowl of porridge.

Mondays are like that....


  1. Poor River. Awful on the food front, frustrating on the missed photo front. I hope the other ambulance was there to transport the crashed ambulance's patient rather than for new ones (goodness that is confused - I hope it makes sense).

  2. That's a sobering thought that ambulances aren't invincible!! Bummer about the food ... make yourself feel better by entering my giveaway!!

    AND LOOOOVE your Reject shop sleigh!

    AND ... Does anyone know where Hilliers mini Xmas pudding flavoured chocolates are to be had this year??

  3. Isn't that always the way - photos not taken when seeing some incredible scenes? I'm a shocker for either forgetting to take my camera or for not actually using the damn thing.

    Case in point: Friday, taking Sapph on the tram to hospital to get her catheter removed and a new one inserted. It was the Escalade festival (I'll blog about it later) and our tram was invaded with revellers dressed in a variety of crazy costumes. It was all good fun and when we got off at the hospital's stop, we saw what 'damage' had been done to the tram on the outside - stripe after stripe of shaving cream and love hearts! ..... and did I remember to whip my camera out - NOOOOOO!

  4. EC; I was just hoping nobody was hurt at all. At least not more than a bandaid can fix. hopefully the cars suffered more than the people.

    Red Nomad; I tried to enter your giveaway, but I'm hopeless at funny slogans/jingles etc.
    Hillier's mini Christmas puddings were available in Cheap-as-Chips last year, I haven't really looked for them this year yet.

    Kath Lockett; absolutely always the way. Another missed opportunity several weeks ago; the camera battery was flat so I left it home on the charger, then while waiting for the bus to work, I glanced up at the several stories high windows across the road and saw three red t-shirted young hotties (men) swinging and swooping from harnesses while they washed the windows. I almost missed the bus watching them....

  5. Would it be cruel to suggest you keep a supply of baked beans in the cupboard for when the frozen stuff and the eggs are off?

  6. I think it is a bit like startled rabbit syndrome. You are just unable to react. Baked beans are a good idea, certainly here when the cook says, I get so sick of trying to think what to cook.

  7. FuitCake; there is a supply of baked beans, but after the last can, I'm just not ready for another one. There's other stuff available too....

    Andrew; more a case of being so close to sleep I think.
    When the cook says something like that, the other cook should step in and cook. Or even just make a sandwich, phone out for pizza; what the first cook is really saying is I need a break, pamper me for a night.

  8. One of those days best forgotten methinks. Have a hot toddy and toddle off to bed. Tomorrow will be better.

  9. It was one of those days you should have stayed in bed. Its also called Monday Itis :-).

  10. Delores; I agree, best forgotten, although missed photo opportunities tend to linger in the mind to the point where I find I'm snapping shots of everything that catches my eye for the next month or so....just in case.

    Windsmoke; funny you should say that..when I got to work on Monday, the first thing I said was I wish I'd stayed in bed. But then I wouldn't have seen that ambulance.

  11. Good Lord. I would have been tempted to go back to bed and stay there until the next morning.