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you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, December 12, 2011

window display

I saw a pretty filigree sleigh over at Kelley's a few days ago and immediately wanted one, so asked where she'd bought it.
The answer? The Reject Shop.
I love that place, so the very next morning I hopped on a bus and went to get one.
In gold of course, because that's my theme this year.

Here it is on my window sill >>>

I was going to fill it with gold baubles, but spotted a package of coloured baubles with gold glitter designs, they look perfect in the sleigh.

Another view.   It's pretty isn't it?

And now for something different  >>>>

Is it just me? Or does this traffic policeman look like he's dancing through the intersection?

He was directing the traffic flow on the day of the Toy Run and doing a fabulous job too!

He never hesitated when deciding which lane of cars to stop or let go through, everyone was smoothly sent on their way.


  1. It is a very, very pretty sleigh. I think your idea of putting coloured balls with gold glitter is much more effective than just gold ones would have been.
    And that policeperson does indeed look like he is dancing 'you puts your left foot in....' Well spotted.

  2. Cute sleigh. Watching a skilled policeman direct traffic is worth doing.

  3. I used to get all my Chrissie deccies from the Reject Shop as well as wrapping paper and stationery. It's a top place for a rummage.

    And 'fabulous' is the perfect word for Terry the Toe-tapping Traffic Tart!

  4. EC; thanks. I think if I hadn't seen the black and the burgundy baubles in that packet, I would have gone with the gold and forever wondered why it didn't look quite right.

    Andrew; i watched him quite a lot. I got the feeling that he enjoys his work.

    Kath Lockett; I love that name! terry the Toe Tapping Traffic Tart.
    I think the Reject Shop is so much better than Cheap-As-Chips.

  5. Your sleigh is lovely.

  6. You could fill up your sleigh with chocolates and lollies yummmy. They are many countries that have dancing policepersons controlling traffic, they are very funny and entertaining :-).

  7. Delores; thank you.

    Windsmoke; I'd rather not, it's in a sunny window and stuff might melt and attract ants. Nice idea though.

  8. Oh alright, all this Christmas cheer is getting contagious. My brother has 'hidden' my Christmas Tree and can't remember where bu I have baubles and a sleigh or maybe it's a basket. Aight off to bring some sparkle into my otherwise Grinchy house.