specific instructions would be useful

I'd like a little help please. 
I can't seem to find where I can change my blogger sign in password.
I've discovered recently, via howsecureisyourpassword.net ,that my current password would take about five seconds to be cracked by a hacker. 
So I want to change it.

Remember last year when my email account got hacked and all you lovely readers got spam sent via my name? That wasn't fun and I did change my email password too, back then, but it turns out that new password is also easily hackable, taking about 4 days.
So I want to change that too.

I have another password that I rarely use, according to howsecureisyourpassword.net that one would take 837 THOUSAND years to hack. 

I think I'd like to use that one instead of my current one.

One more thing; when I first turn on my computer, I must enter a password to continue. 
It's the old password I first chose years ago, when I first began using a computer and probably extremely hackable. 

Anyone able to tell me how I can change it? 
I've been to sites I visit to purchase things and have changed my passwords there, so all I need now is help with the above sites.



  1. I've managed to change my email password, so that's all good, just would really like to change the blogger sign in. I'll try what I did with the email one, see if that works.

  2. Okay, that worked. Please ignore all the above requests. Apparently the one I enter when first opening the computer can't be changed without something called a reset password disk. I don't have one of those, have no idea where I'd get one.
    But with all other passwords changed, I'm guessing the one I start up with doesn't matter so much.

  3. I have so many passwords, I can't remember many of them and have a file with them listed, which is mostly up to date. I think I sign into my blog with my either my yahoo email address or my gmail address and the password is my google password. I never sign out, so I am not sure.

  4. Andrew; I don't often remember to sign out from places I buy from, so changing those passwords was a good idea, from blogger I never sign out, but wanted to change the password anyway. I only had four passwords for various things, easy enough to remember as I hadn't changed them in years.

  5. Passwords - Oh dear!
    I have many as most of us do. I usually change them about once a year.
    Don't have to enter a password for Windows 10 - because when Windows 10 was installed onto my new laptop and tower computer, the computer people have it so you don't need a password.
    Have no idea how to change a password on a PC - sorry I can't help

  6. .. glad your password problem has been solved.....
    I liked the nine mice giggle ....
    have a good day.. Barb xx

  7. Margaret-whiteangel; I have windows 10 too, downloaded as an upgrade, so most of my settings remained the same, so I still have to enter a password to start up.

    Barbara; I'm glad I could work it out for myself. Almost. Got a clue from "no-one" aka my daughter K.

  8. I've only just now read this post -sorry I was of no assistance. :)

  9. Lee; don't worry, it's all sorted now.


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