Calendar Tuesday # 4

It’s April 5th….time again for Calendar Tuesday, which only happens on the first Tuesday of each month.

First image from the Violent Veg calendar

"This broadbean connection is epic!"

second, a peaceful image from the Country Homes calendar

I think I'd like this kitchen for myself :) I love those pendant lights.

Now the one you've been waiting for; Suzy Toronto

Here is what it says:


I want to know where it says,
"The art you put in you home has to match your sofa."
First of all, art is not meant to decorate your home...
art is meant to decorate your soul.

it is the signature of every civilization
that ever left its mark on the earth.

It breaks all the rules and shakes off the dust of everyday life.
With a power like that. who cares if it matches your sofa?

Let it match your soul!



  1. I don't like it when experts tell me what I should like and why. They may be experts, but I am the expert in my head.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree with the quote about art. A home so well coordinated that it could be a photo shoot location for a magazine is beautiful, but one filled with momentos of a life well-lived and artwork that speaks to the owner's soul is a place of happiness and love.

  3. joeh; I don't know much about art, what the experts say is good often looks pretty crappy to me. I don't have any art on my walls at all, just photos of family.

    Susan F; my wall pictures are all family members, children and grandchildren. Much of it is outdated, I really should get some current photos, but there isn't any room for them and nowhere to store any that I might take down.

    fishducky; I love that one! and hope to find another next year.

  4. I first saw that art quote years ago, in the booth of an artist with large canvasses. Another saying that took mental shape for me was Put your money where your mouth is. A hat artist had a head form on display high in her booth, with a fabulous hat displayed, and play money cascading from her mouth.

  5. The art I have on my walls is an eclectic mix, that's for sure! I have four originals (by other painters); a million originals of my own (which some folk would probably claim aren't art!), along with random prints of others that I like.

    If I bought a sofa to match my lot, it would have to be a multi-coloured, multi-patterned, large one!

    I aim to! :)

  6. Love that Suzy Toronto quote. How right she is. And the only soul is has to speak to is your own.

  7. Art does not match your sofa? Heresy.

  8. Love them - especially the last :)

    This reminds me that I should've continued with my monthly dog calendar quotes... maybe next year.

  9. Joanne; I'd never heard the Art quote before, but it makes sense. I wish more people would put their money where their mouth is.

    Lee; probably a plain black or white sofa would fit in with everything too. I don't have any art, just family photos.

    Elephant's Child; having your soul do the talking is what personalises our homes.

    Andrew; not at all. Art should speak to your heart and soul. Put up what you like to look at, not what some decorator says you should. If it matches your sofa, that's a bonus I suppose.

    Vicki; I'd forgotten about your dog quotes. Why wait until next year? start again now :)

  10. Art doesn't have to match the couch. We have to like it first.

  11. Your calendars are really wonderful. Nothing in our house matches anything else but it is ever so comfy and, at our age, that is important.


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