what's going on?

A few posts ago, Andrew mentioned not getting email notification of comments or replies or something like that.

In his comment section, I replied that I didn't have my comments set up to receive email notification, I just always checked on the actual blog sites I visit.

Since that day, my email spam folder is overwhelmed daily with this message:

Mail Delivery.  Delivery Status Notification (failure) Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

followed by the email address of a person I've left a comment for.

I've checked on a few of these and every single one refers to a comment I've left on someone's blog. 
many someones, different blogs. 

I haven't been into my settings and changed anything, so why is my email suddenly bombarded with this? 
Is google playing games with me?


  1. That's weird, River. I can't help you, I'm sorry.

    I don't get email notification about when someone has put up a post. Like you, I just check those on my list to see if there is a new post.

  2. I've been getting the same thing for a long time, apparently none of my comments go to the persons email address.

  3. I've been getting ALL the comments you leave on my blog!!

  4. I have got this message for a few blogs for a while. I think that they are ones where the person has changed the email address they used when they first set up the blog. I think. My comment still gets through though so it is just an inconvenience.

  5. Mine is the same. There is something big going on that is very difficult to explain but there is a lot of mail blocking underway. Gmail is even blocking its own Gmail emails. If you don't receive an email when someone comments, how do you know when someone comments on an old post?

  6. Lee; I've never bothered with email notification, although I do get email replies from some blogs where I've left a comment.

    joeh; comments aren't supposed to go to email addresses unless you've set it up on your design page.

    fishducky; yes, my comments appear on the blogs they're supposed to, but then I get messages saying the email could not be delivered. Weird huh?

    Elephant's Child; I'm finding it very annoying to have my inbox and spam folder clogged up this way.

    Andrew; I know about the mail blocking, sort of. There's conflict going on between Google, gmail, google+; they all want to be king of the castle. but I don't see why comments from blogs should be diverted to email and then show up as not be able to be delivered. When I'm commenting on a blog, the comment shows up there as it should, so why the email kerfuffle? I don't care so much about new comments on old posts, I find those when I check for spam and most of the new comments are spam. Probably 99.9% of them.

  7. I wonder could it be something to do with the spam emails that were being sent to your friends in your name? I received at least a dozen of them and since that time get about 8 spam emails a day. It seemed to set them off. I've not had anything like you mention here though and hope you can get it sorted.

  8. Mimsie; no, that was when my email account got hacked into. I don't think this one is my problem to sort, I think it's google's problem. Or maybe Blogger.


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