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Friday, March 10, 2017

Wednesday's Words on a Friday

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write, a story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.
If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the words are supplied by me and can be found right here.

This week's words are:

1. notebook
2. qualities
3. doubt
4. join
5. hundred
6. instead


1. flying
2. signed
3. connections
4. manufacturer
5. fifth
6. ramp

Here is my story: 

Maddie Kelsey Chapter Two 

Arriving home, Camille hurried inside to escape the chilly dampness of the fog. She placed her new notebook and two pens on her desk, the few notes she'd taken during the speeches would wait until tomorrow for perusal. Her brand new copy of Maddie Kelsey's book, The Balloon Manufacturer, went back into its position in the bookcase. Camille had hoped to get it signed by Maddie after the speeches.

The whole night had been a bit of a let down. Instead of the expected hundred audience members, only a couple of dozen had turned up and Camille wondered if it was going to be worth the effort to arrange a similar gathering at a later stage. Perhaps too many of the wannabe writers would now doubt themselves and not continue writing, which would be a shame. 

The last speaker, the stutterer, had the beginnings of a good book, if his halting words were an indication of his writing style. Being unable to speak well, didn't detract at all from his other qualities. He'd explained a little about why he wanted to write, (he couldn't think about anything else and had been writing since he had began school), then read a short piece from the manuscript he held. Titled 'The Fifth Ramp', it showed great promise as a mystery thriller.

Camille made a cup of chamomile tea and carried it up to her bedroom. She would read and sip for an hour or so, then get some sleep. There was no point trying to sleep immediately, her thoughts were too busy.
The message light on her answering machine was blinking and Camille pushed the button to hear the messages. One from mum, "hope it all goes well, love" and a later one from Maddie. 

"Cammie, I can't join you, I'm so sorry. I suppose you left already and are on your way there, we had some trouble flying in from Ashbrook, something on the runway so the pilot couldn't land, we had to circle for almost half an hour and I missed any connections that would have got me there on time, so I got a room at the airport hotel. I'll just stay here until my flight out tomorrow, you know I have that meeting with my agent on Thursday. If he doesn't get my latest manuscript he'll have a hissy fit."



  1. Well, at least she had a good reason for not showing up. Great job with the words.

    1. only slightly confused; thank you. Maddie's a good person and always tries to meet her commitments.

  2. I went home for tea with Camille. :-)

    1. S.J.Qualls; tea and cookies or tea and gossip?

  3. I love that the promise of the stuttering man's work is evident. Another great use of the words.

    1. Elephant's Child; I also love that one of the speakers turns out a great writer. Thank you.

  4. .. glad Maddie contacted Camille....there's hope for something good to come .. xxxxx

    1. Barbara; Maddie's a good, well-mannered girl. She and Camille are friends from school days.

  5. Well, that answered that puzzling question!

    A good continuation to your story, River. :)

    1. Lee; I knew you wanted that puzzle answered :) Thank you.

  6. Replies
    1. Margaret-whiteangel; glad you liked it :)

  7. I enjoyed 'Maddie Kelsey Chapter Two' ... and was pleased that Maddie did contact Camille 

    All the best Jan

  8. I like that you were able to continue last week's story with this week's words. Good job! It's also good to know the author had a good reason that didn't involve bodily harm for not making it to the meeting.

  9. Great read. Happy to hear more of Camille and Maddie and looking forward to part 3:-)