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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thursday Thoughts # 102

Quote: "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today"

Q: what do you call a diminutive psychic who has escaped from jail?
A: A small medium at large.

Here's a couple of articles from last week's newspapers:

"Use-by date eggstended
It may taste like it was cooked this morning, but that egg in your shop-bought sandwich or salad could be up to 26 days old.
The eggs are being boiled in bulk in factories and pasteurised to kill bacteria, which means they will last for weeks.
Packs of scrambled, poached and even ready-made fried eggs are also being made on production lines and supplied frozen to pubs and restaurants.
Eggs sales are booming as they are viewed as healthy and have become a mainstay of popular protein-based diets."

The above (and below) have been copied just as they appeared in the paper. The bold italics are my idea.

I bet right now all of you are thinking about going back to buying fresh eggs and cooking them at home. Maybe getting a few chooks and having fresh-from-the-hen breakfast eggs? It might mean slowing down the rat race a bit, but that's a good thing. 


"Gender goes down tube.

Train announcers on London's Tube have been banned from using phrases such as "ladies and gentlemen" - in case they offend transgender passengers.
Instead, staff on bus, Tube and rail networks will be told to use terms such as "good morning everyone".
Transport for London says its workers must not assume the gender of commuters.
The move follows lobbying by LGBT campaigners, who argue terms such as "sir" and "madam" belong to the past."

I agree that "sir" and "madam" are a bit stuffy and should probably be relegated to the past, but "ladies and gentlemen"? I don't see how this can possibly offend anyone. Regular people won't care, and those who are transgendering to the opposite sex can just accept the greeting as whichever sex they are choosing to become. A man transgendering to a woman can just accept the "good morning ladies", and a woman becoming a man can accept the "good morning gentlemen" part of the greeting. 

What do you think? Are the LGBT lobbyists going overboard on this? Or can you see, as I can, that a man wanting to be a woman, dressing as a woman etc, might be pleased to be recognised as a woman by this simple "good morning ladies and gentlemen" and of course the opposite gender trans applies.


  1. And if you are still not sure it offers a choice. I don't see any problem with it except that there are a lot of people trying to create problems where none exist.

    1. only slightly confused; exactly! people trying to create problems where none exist. Shame on them.

  2. I appreciate that it must often be difficult being transgendered, but how to address genders is about 1 billionth from the top of a long list of problems in the world today.

    1. joeh; true, there are so many things way more important.

  3. The egg thing is horrifying. I may get our eggs from the farmer's markets instead.
    And sigh on the greeting front. Good morning ladies and gentlemen works just fine. Even if many of the people being addressed are neither ladies nor gentleman.

    1. Elephants Child; it certainly is horrifying, even worse than the powdered eggs used by the army during war times, which I never knew about until I watched MASH. I agree about the Ladies and Gentlemen. So many people who are men and women aren't Ladies or Gentlemen, if behaviour is anything to go by.

  4. The appearance and taste of an egg right out of the yard is quite different from a store-bought egg. So I imagine a store-bought pre-cooked 29-day-old egg would have even LESS flavor!

    People have too much darn time on their hands! I don't doubt that there are transgender people who face many trials in daily life. But I don't think this is one of them. Nobody is singling them out to mis-greet them on purpose.

    It seems like there is some big agenda lately concerning transgenderism. That's why it's all over the media. The media has a TRANSGENDA!

    1. Val; I know the taste of eggs fresh from the hens, my daughter used to keep chooks and would bring me a dozen now and again. Now I buy certified free range eggs from the supermarket or get a dozen from the farmer's market if I'm there and need eggs.
      I agree with "nobody is singling them out to mis-greet them on purpose". There are so many people who just don't make an issue of things like this, until someone with an agenda stirs up trouble, and even then, many of them don't bother getting involved, just getting on with their lives.

  5. I know some cafes pre cook fried eggs for bacon and egg sandwiches and they are not very good, in my experience. Like you, I can't see the problem with Ladies and Gentlemen. They do sound a little oldfashioned though and addressing some people as ladies and gentlemen when they are very clearly not is problematic. But we don't really have any other personal terms to use.

    1. Andrew; pre-cooking eggs then reheating for an order probably isn't so bad, at worst they my taste "flat", but buying pre-cooked bulk supplies is the worst thing I've heard regarding eggs.
      I don't see how Ladies and Gentlemen is problematic. If you're a man wanting toe a woman and dressing as one, wouldn't you simply accept the Ladies part of the greeting? I don't mean jumping up and down saying " yes that's me,I'm a woman", just be the lady you want to be.

  6. I don't see how addressing genders can be offensive to anyone, I think this is going overboard when anyone is told that they can't be respectful by using the terms "Ladies and Gentlemen" like you said it is a non issue because someone transgendering can answer to the term they identify as.

    Mam and Sir are terms of respect that I learned as a kid, I still use these terms and always will, because if I don't then I have my Mom to answer to ;)

    We have seven hens right now so I know the age of the eggs I am eating at home, I had heard that eggs on the market were older than I realized.

    1. Jimmy; I agree with you on the addressing genders issue. The eggs are a more important issue for me. Even supermarket eggs are older than we'd like, but short of keeping my own chooks, I don't have any other choice, except the Farmer's Market and that's once a month here.

    2. All of Europe seems to be losing its culture and its common sense. I do believe in treating people kindly. But I won't pretend a man is a woman or anything odd like that. Then again, if someone is committed to that lifestyle, one wouldn't probably be able to tell unless the person was known before.

      re: eggs... with all the processed food out there, I'm not too worried about it so much. I really need to get back on my diet. Though I hate how they mis-treat these poor animals.

  7. I like this one River, it sounds like an actual discussion happening right in front of me, well done with the words.

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