oh dear....

Two days ago I had to endure a bus trip with a woman seated across the aisle and one seat behind, who coughed, sneezed and sniffed the whole trip.

Now I'm a bit headachy and sneezing and desperately hoping this is a hayfever attack and not a cold.

I'll know by tonight.
If the hayfever medication doesn't work, then it's a cold.

Possibly the woman on the bus was also having a hayfever attack, all the jasmine has started blooming this past week, so all of us hayfever sufferers are suffering.


  1. Here's hoping it is just the hay fever.

  2. Oh dear is right. Hayfever is miserable, but I do hope that is what is besetting you at the moment.

  3. I think jasmine might be worse than ragweed and grass and tree pollen. Good luck getting by.

  4. It's a dreadful feeling. Hope you feel better soon :)

  5. My hayfever is still dormant. It won't kick in til the plane trees start doing their thing, then I'm stuffed!!

  6. Delores; the antihistamines are working, so it is just hayfever.

    Elephant's Child; turns out to be hayfever, I'm much more comfortable now.

    Joanne; jasmine is the worst thing in the world for me, with oriental lilies a close second.

    Vicki; much better now, I've stepped up the dosage of the antihistamines.

    Fenstar; when does that happen? it affects me too, but not as much, is it before or after bottlebrush flowers?

  7. Hi River,

    Hay fever season is over for this year for me.

    I hope in your case it isn't a cold. A cold with hay fever is simply dreadful.




  8. I laughed when I heard how Japanese people wear face masks when they have a Cold or Flu.. but they were right weren't they!
    Colds and Flu is everywhere up here River but I've been lucky so far.

  9. Plasman; hayfever season is all year round for me, I'm allergic to things that seem to follow the seasons.

    Kymbo; masks seem like a sensible idea to me for colds and flu. With hayfever it's hard to tell why people are sneezing and sniffling.

  10. I had a sneeze today. North wind blowing in the rye grass pollen. I expect two sneezes tomorrow.

  11. Andrew; one sneeze! I hate rye grass pollen, we get it later in the summer when the north east winds blow. It's as bad as jasmine for me.

  12. I don't know if a cold is worse than hay fever! Hope it passes quickly whichever it is.

  13. It's a good excuse to pamper yourself, whatever the cause. I hope the anti-histamines continue to do their job.

  14. We;ve been doing a lot sneezing of late. There is lots of wattle in next door's garden and the dandelions are out and they are bad news. Hoping yours is ONLY hay fever, bad as it is, and NOT a cold. Fingers crossed for you.

  15. Jackie K; colds pass more quickly, but can't be helped much by medication; hayfever lasts as long as the allergen producers keep producing, but can be helped with medication. The biggest difference is a cold is contagious, hayfever isn't.

    jabblog; the anti-histamines are doing just fine, I got caught by not noticing the jasmine starting up this year. Usually I spot the red buds and keep watch for the first flower, that's my clue to double the dose. I take anti-histamines about 9 months of the year for a range of allergies.

    Mimsie; this year is going to be bad for hayfever because of the wet winter we've had, it has created more pollen apparently. I've never had trouble with wattle or dandelions. My problems are grasses, moulds and the headier sweet fragrances.

  16. I am thinking that the Japanese have it right, we should just wander around wearing face masks all the time.

  17. Kelley; it's a good idea in theory, but after a day in our sun, I think our faces would look a bit odd, with the sun tanned edges surrounding a square of white where the mask had been.


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