Words for Wednesday and the next provider

On Wednesdays, Elephant’s Child has been putting up a selection of six (or twelve) words which is called “Words for Wednesday”.

She had taken over this meme from Delores, who is gradually retiring from the blogging world.
This month the meme continues here, at Drifting Through Life

***Next month (August) the words will be provided for us by Jacqueline*** the link is here.

Essentially the aim is to encourage us to write.   
Each week we are given a choice of prompts: which can be words, phrases, music or an image.   What we do with those prompts is up to us:  a short story, prose, a song, a poem, or treating them with ignore...

Some of us put our creation in comments on the post, and others post on their own blog.  I would really like it if as many people as possible joined into this fun meme.   
If you are posting on your own blog - let me know so that I, and other participants, can come along and applaud.
I’m hopeless at poetry so I always do a story.

It’s a fun challenge…why not join in?

This week's words are:
1. normally
2. dysfunctional
3. mullioned
4. hurricane
5. fry-cook
6. viewing
1. whimper
2. projector
3. chef
4. knucklebone
5. bungalow
6. unexposed

Let those imaginations loose!


  1. For the first time, I had a bit of an idea of the direction I want my fiction short story to head - so it is going to be a challenge to incorporate these words! My efforts will be on my blog, hopefully tomorrow or Friday.
    Thank you, River - for the month of Words that you have provided!

  2. Mullioned? You have given us all something to consider! Hopefully, something will emerge on Friday on my blog. Knucklebone?

  3. These were indeed challenging. Very.

    Normally Sandi moved through her chores like a hurricane. A fast-moving, apron-wearing, efficient hurricane carrying order, pine-fresh scents and delicious flavours in her wake. As fry-cook (and sole employee) in Bungalow Bill's small suburban cafe she had no time to waste. Tables to clean and lay, floors to wash and sweep, hungry mouths to fill. Immediately, if not sooner.
    This morning she stood at the door and whimpered. Bill had put the D in dysfunctional business practice again. Last week he had put a projector in the diner, saying that they could attract more people by showing movies over lunch. When he realised that he couldn't buy film for the projector he cancelled the viewings. Sandi had thought she was safe.
    Wrong. He had called workmen in over the weekend. Not only the dining room windows but her kitchen windows were now mullioned. So much harder to clean. So much less light coming in. And he changed her job title too. She was now a chef. 'No more fry-ups!' he said. 'Gourmet dishes. Deconstructed favourites. Truffles. Jus. Seaweed garnish. Foams. Caramelised everything...'
    Sandi blamed the internet. Life had been soooo much easier for her (and their customers) when he remained unexposed to cutting edge trends.
    She needed this job though. Badly. 'I can chew my fingernails down to the knucklebones, or I can get on with it. At least it won't last long. I wonder what he will come up with next...'

    1. I wonder too, bravo! This was enjoyable and if only Bungalow Bill's was closer to me I'd go there for lunch.

  4. Looks like I have my work cut out for me on tonight's blog; one story coming right up!

  5. I did as I was told...and my imagination ran off...and now I can't find it!!!

    "Two months after the destruction caused by the HURRICANE finally repairs on the last BUNGALOW had been completed. The new MULLIONED windows, divided by vertical bars of stone and steel were installed replacing the previous ones that were incapable of withstanding the ferocity of a tropical storm. NORMALLY, we probably wouldn’t have gone to such lengths, but we’d learned the hard way.

    The KNUCKLEBONE of a CHEF who previously cooked for us went without a WHIMPER with his tail between his legs when we handed him his notice. He wasn’t even worthy of being a FRY-COOK; he’d burn water he was so useless. He had light fingers, though, we soon discovered. He took with him the resort’s PROJECTOR. It was regularly used for the VIEWING pleasure of the holidaying guests, but, as pay-back, I guess, controlled by his DYSFUNCTIONAL thinking, our sacked “cook” stole it along with some other things. Good riddance, I say. If we’d not gotten rid of him when we did his stealing would’ve gone on UNEXPOSED for goodness knows how long!"

    1. It sounds as if there is more than a little truth in this story...

    2. I think I've met that knucklebone chef before too! Ha! Ha!

  6. I love the inter-conversations going on here :)

    Susan F; it's been fun, finding the words has been easy, using them is a whole other matter.

    Susan Kane; I'm thinking knucklebone might have me wracking my brain too.

    Elephant's Child; I really, really like this! it needs a chapter two with whatever crazy idea Bill come up with next :)

    jac; looking forward to it:) and to next week, with your word selection.

    Lee; your imagination is off hunting for more inspiration in your memory banks :) Have you seen the movie "Inside Out"? your head is filled with stacks of memory spheres, each colour representing short term memory, long term memory, happy memories, sad memories, afraid memories.
    I love your story :)

    1. Thanks, River. :) No...I've not seen the movie "Inside Out" although I have read and seen the reviews about it.

      I think I'll have to either hire or buy another head just for extra storage of all my memories! lol

  7. Fly done up.
    Pansy chef
    Finds a knucklebone
    In his sushi..


    And how contrary
    This great fairy-
    With a whimper
    Not a shout
    Pulls the thing out.

    Then in comes the camp waiter!

    :"What's that?" quoth he,
    "On your spoon,
    A souvenier from
    Your honeymoon?"

    "No it's not," saith the chef
    "But we all know about you...
    And that projector in your bungalow
    Dirty movies
    You old ho!"

    Shove this one in with the roast girls!

  8. Lee; a spare head? could be handy....

    R.H. you're quite the poet, nicely done.

  9. And my rather cheesy effort is up on my blog, lol.

  10. Thank you so much. i consider myself a poet for the lower orders: battlers and working stiffs, prostitutes and plonkos. It's a niche concept. One should embrace the ugliness of life, not its beauty. There's enough of that crap around already.

  11. I love writing challenges, but with my current commitments, they're a little bit too much. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

  12. American writing ladies have big hair (or look like they should have big hair), huge smiles, and perfect teeth.
    You can blame Jackie Susann for it.

  13. I'm in again this week! WooHoo, those were some chewy words! But I got all 12 words in one sentence at the end of my Good Fences post. Here's mine

  14. whiteangel; I'm often amazed at what gems people come up with.

    Crystal Collier; welcome to drifting. I hope you've enjoyed reading our efforts. We're happy to have you join in any time you feel you can.

    R.H. I'm sure there must be some American authors who look normal.

    Karen S; I'll come and have a look.


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