Sunday Selections # 612

 Long ago, Kim of Frog ponds Rock, (who no longer blogs), dreamed up a meme called Sunday Selections. 

A place where those who were willing could put up photos they wanted to share, new, old, good, bad or indifferent, any photos you please. 

Nothing rude or vulgar though.

And we don't mind at all if overseas bloggers care to join us.

The meme is now continued by Elephant's Child and I occasionally join in as do a few others. Andrew is one.  Messymimi is another. Drop in to their blogs and have a look.

beginning with grand daughter #2, dressed for her end of year formal dance, looking very pretty. I love her gown.

I rescued this statue from a neighbour's garden, have I shown this before? This neighbour has had several bad falls and is now in a care home. See where it is broken down by the feet?

here is a closer look, there is quite a gap there and the figures were quite wobbly.

the dish at the top which is meant to be a water dish for birds I think, is also broken and the missing piece could not be found. I'm still working on ideas to fix that.

here is the "repaired" statue as good as it gets without calling in professional repairers. The mended area cracked a little as we manouvered it back into the garden, so I'll add a bit more cement around it.

this was also in C's garden, in two pieces, you can see where I mended it and it now sits in my garden.

The inscription reads: 

"The kiss of the sun for pardon, 

The song of the birds for mirth, 

You are nearer God's heart in a garden, 

Than anywhere else on Earth."

Riley and Gillian are practising their mountaineering skills, without a rope! or a safety net!

I planned on pruning the dark pelargoniums but when I saw the maintenance gardener out with his hedge trimmer I asked him to please do it. Brrrt! In five seconds he had done what would take me quite a bit longer AND he took away all the trimmed pieces after I had selected a few stems to give to neighours and "no-one". I rescued a few flowers to put in my kitchen.

On my front porch the mini sunflowers are covered in buds

and the first one opened a couple of days later

this season I again have only one coreopsis flower. ONE! The neighbour down the road a bit has plenty.

finishing again with the girls, the youngest of the older brothers had a Halloween themed birthday party, so of course Gen and Ana dressed appropriately 😀💖💖


  1. Your granddaughter looked lovely. Way back when I was her age we didn't have formals...but we did have school dances. I can still remember the last one I attended. They weren't formal affairs, though.

    You have so many great pcs of the two bubs. They'll have lots of fun when their older looking back on them. Do people still have photo albums like we once did? (This might be a silly question, but it was one that floated around in my mind a couple of days ago).

    I hope you have a very pleasant week ahead, River. Take good care...cuddles to the lovely Lady Lola. :)

    1. Lee; I think N looks very lovely also, like a Spanish Senorita. I don't know if younger people have photo albums, I have some from when my kids were younger and a couple my mum left me from when I was a child. I plan on having a selection of the twins photos printed and put in an album to give to the parents on their first birthday.

  2. Looks like you have a couple of "fixer uppers". Hope you will show us when you succeed.
    Love those chubby little skeletons.

    1. Arkansas Patti; I don't think I can do much more to fix the statue, it's tricky working down on my knees and bent almost double. It's too heavy to turn upside down for easier access.
      Those are the cutest skeletons I have ever seen!

  3. LOTS of smiles in today's post. Thank you. The inscription from C's garden is right on the money. Well done for mending it - and the statue.
    The babes and your granddaughter are beautiful. Which you know.

    1. Elephant's Child; I'm happy I made you smile. All my grandchildren are beautiful and all are good natured too, which I am even more happy about.

  4. Your granddaughter looks beautiful! The cute littles! Well done with the statue. I've used cement repair stuff to fix my bird bath. It is great stuff.

    1. Jenn Jilks; I used a bit of tile adhesive for this repair job, it was all I had handy. Thank you, I agree she does look beautiful.

  5. Your granddaughter looks like a Disney princess! Lovely girl, lovely gown. It really suits her. You did a great repair job on that statue. The redheads are living dangerously, so mischievous. Love the "skeletal" twins!

    1. Val; A Disney Princess! She'll be happy to hear that. The gown is so pretty, I hope it is hers and not a rental. The redheads were couch potatoes all winter, it's nice to see them up and about again. The twins are the cutest skeletons in the world.

  6. The girls look so cool in their Halloween shirts. The formal is so important to many young people as they step into adulthood. Your #2 looks great.

    1. Andrew; I believe the twins really enjoy showing off for the camera. N is the first in our family to go to a formal as far as I know.

  7. Oh, your Grand Daughter´s pic reminds me of my parent´s Silver Wedding.
    My Mum dragged me to a hair dresser who did exactly this to my hair!
    My hair is a thin mess and I felt like an alien, LOL.
    I makes one prettier, though, I agree, but that was a once in a lifetime for Mum!

    Oh, you´re such a rescuer, too. All things broken seem to end up in my hands.
    But.. they need a home, too, right!

    Oh, you´re a CASTLE-fan, as well! Here it´s all translated to German :-(
    (I know, off-topic, but, oh, would I like to hear the voices in the original, and the jokes!!!)
    But I have too many DVDs already.
    Still have to look for Elmo in Grouchland, Ingo is sure I have it.
    The girls know Castle would jump in if they slip, btw.

    Big YAY to your gardener!!
    Oh and to your sunflowers. Mine are "gone with the wind" now.

    LOL on the twins :-) Cute.
    And yes. Middle of the night. Woke up, was .... am wide awake. Crazy times.

    1. Iris; I don't know who did N's hair, but I have learned she owns that dress, so she gets to wear it whenever she wants to. I don't take in all things broken, just a chosen few, those I know I have a place for.
      I do like Castle, but mostly the first few seasons, after that it seemed a bit "off". Still worth watching though. I'm currently watching NCIS Hawai'i.
      I'm hoping for lots more sunflowers, but the two-colour ones with the orange centre got eaten by snails and only one survives, not even close to flowering yet. When it does I will save the seeds for next year.
      I'm sometimes awake in the middle of the night, I go to sleep and then upstairs neighbour decides she must wash her floors! Or whatever it is she does that wakes me up.
      The twins are too cute for words. Six months old next week.

    2. NCIS Hawaii is somehow sadly not for me. Too... hectical?
      Oh so sad with the sunflowers!
      Yes. Neighbors. Gah!!! I think we have dinosaurs up there... Stomping so loud I think I could not if I wanted...
      Lotto, huh, we should play, win and get a little house, or a cabin!
      6months already. Time flies...

  8. How lovely your twins are. Soon they will be sitting up and crawling and...

    1. Joanne; true, they will soon be doing all those things and then comes the walking and running. Fun times for the parents.

  9. Your granddaughter does look lovely, do like the colours in her gown.

    1. Margaret D; I love the colours too, they're perfect for her.

  10. The children in your family, tiny and older, are beautiful.

    That was quite the repair job you did on the items found in the neighbor's garden.

    I hope you get many more flowers through the spring and into summer.

    1. messymimi; thank you, we can thank our genes for that I guess. I find I enjoy repairing these things. More flowers are opening every day.

  11. Your granddaughter dress is very pretty.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Dora; thank you, I will tell her you like it.

  12. Hi River,

    Ziggy managed to chip my Chinese Warrior (clumsy cat) but a little work with a pen and you can't notice it.




    1. Plasman; Chinese warrior? I use coloured sharpies (textas) to colour in chips on things.


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