Sunday Selections # 666

 Long ago, Kim of Frog ponds Rock, (who no longer blogs), dreamed up a meme called Sunday Selections. 

A place where those who were willing could put up photos they wanted to share, new, old, good, bad or indifferent, any photos you please. 

Nothing rude or vulgar though.

And we don't mind at all if other bloggers care to join us.

The meme is now continued by Elephant's Child and I join in as do a few others. Andrew is one.  Messymimi is another. Drop in to their blogs and have a look.

Wisewebwoman has also occasionally been joining us.

A few garden photos from a wedding I attended recently:

a quiet corner which reminds me of pictures I have seen n a book titled French Country Gardens

the wisteria bower where the ceremony was held

somewhere to rest

and a birdbath

nigella in blue

and white

this pretty flower I can't remember the name of

nestled up against bright orange calendulas

a slippery dip (slide) for the smaller guests

and a jenga tower for older people

more recently, I took two of the redheads to visit the twins:

Meg and Riley in the side pocket of my backpack enjoyed the bus ride though they couldn't see out of the windows

the girls were intrigued and paid particular attention to their shoes

they swapped the dolls back and forth several times, then it was time for them to get dressed, they'd just finished breakfast when I arrived.

Gen in her "Queen of Screams" t-shirt

and Ana who has discovered her belly button and loves to show it off

she opted to watch TV having recently become entranced by "Bluey"

Gen was feeling in a cuddly mood and wanted to be held

please Nanny, hold me

So I held her and every now and again Ana had a short turn, but Gen stayed

and fell asleep. They are both a bit snuffly with hayfever.

on the way home, waiting for a bus

I noticed the trees on the median strip had bows in reds

and plaids

and in the city, in Victoria Square two giant baubles had been installed beside the flower bed.

at home, Riley and Meg told Gillian and Jordan about their visit. "We got turned around and upside down and Gen tried to eat my hairclip (Riley), but they were so gentle with us, it was a nice visit."


  1. It does indeed look like a lovely visit - for you all.

    1. Elephant's Child; it was a great visit, but I am not going again until Christmas Day, that's two whole weeks!

  2. I love the giant Christmas balls. So fun!!!!!!

    1. The Happy Whisk; they are fun, but I'd like to see more sparkle in my city at this time of year.

  3. And enjoyable time had by everyone by the looks of it. :)

    And from the looks of the weather report last night you will be experiencing cooler temps down your way showing as 17 degrees. How nice that would be for a change. It's been hot up here. Too darn hot.

    I hope you have a good week ahead, River...take care. My cuddles to lovely Lady Lola. :)

    1. "An" was meant, of course, instead of "And enjoyable...." :)

      And I've just noticed another typo....(I had just gotten out of bed when I wrote my previous comment)..."top" was meant to be "temp"! Time to go back to bed, I think! Blame it on the heat and old age! :)

    2. Lee; it is cooler which is nice, but also very wet, though it isn't raining right now. I'm making my fair share of typos lately and some I don't even notice until the next day. We all had a lovely visit but I won't take the dolls every time.

  4. It's a very nice garden for a wedding. Queen of Screams, I hope not. Great photos of the girls and you.

    1. Andrew; it is a beautiful garden, but I can't show more of it, it is a private home. Gen is not the Queen of Screams, Ana holds that trophy, though screams are very rarely heard. Both girls are quite placid most of the time.

  5. Replies
    1. Joanne; it is a beautiful setting, a private garden so I can't show more of it.

  6. Looks like a wedding to "my taste"!
    And the slide, ohhh ... Big Niece got one of those - it was a BIG, a HUGE adventure - for all of us :-)
    Hehe :-) We took Elmo, Mielebaer, Blanket and Little Ingo on our journeys throughout Australia, too!
    Last time Ingo nearly lost them so I think you´ll miss out come February... But fun you do the same!! :-)

    I think "Queen of Screams" has nothing to do with Freddie Mercury?
    The eye-color would fit, though (beautiful). Sweet pics of you all! Later chat included, and ohhh... off to the Christmas Market next week - this tinsel and all makes it great, right?
    Have a happy Sunday (will let you know about details on when we arrive in your city, I did not forget!).

    1. Iris; it was a fun wedding. The slide was only one metre tall, for little kids. I don't think I will take the dolls to the twins very often, they have plenty of toys already. The Queen of Screams has NOTHING to do with Freddie Mercury.
      I wish my city had more tinsel and sparkle in the decorations, maybe someone told them glitter and tinsel is not good for the environment, but that makes it a dull city this time of year.
      I will have to check on the best way to get from the airport to the train.

  7. Lovely flowers in that garden R.
    The twins are doing well and I see you do enjoy them :)

    1. Margaret D; it is a beautiful garden. I love the twins very much.

  8. Nobody could ever resist that "hold-me" face! That was a good experience, having the redheads meet the girls. I like the giant baubles.

    1. Val; It's irresistable for sure. I won't be taking the redheads too often, they have plenty of toys. The baubles are nice, but I'd like to see more of them around the city.

  9. That's a lovely wedding venue and I'm always happy to see photos of your girls.

    1. messymimi; it is a lovely garden and I'm always happy to be with the girls.

  10. First photo would be good one done in water colors.
    Coffee is on.

  11. What a cute collection of photos. I do not know why, but jhe two redheads in the backpack just speaks to me.


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