Sunday Selections # 684


Long ago, Kim of Frog ponds Rock, (who no longer blogs), dreamed up a meme called Sunday Selections. 

A place where those who were willing could put up photos they wanted to share, new, old, good, bad or indifferent, any photos you please. 

Nothing rude or vulgar though.

And we don't mind at all if other bloggers care to join us.

The meme is now continued by Elephant's Child and I join in as do a few others. Andrew is one.  Messymimi is another. Drop in to their blogs and have a look.

Wisewebwoman has also been joining us occasionally.

outer walls are going up on the new townhouses construction by the local bus stop near my home

not the kind of car usually seen at the local shopping centre

autumn leaves are falling (all the leaves are brown)

and the sky is grey (name the song and the band)

Melbourne Street, North Adelaide has many pretty balconies

this one is on the Lion Hotel

I don't recall the name of this building which was probably once another hotel, I think the ground floor is now a clothing store, but can't be sure, it's quite some time since I was there.

I'm sure you'll agree the wrought-iron work is beautifully maintained

Still in North Adelaide's Melbourne Street, Montezuma's was once a very popular Mexican Restaurant

eat in or take away, 7 days a week

sadly it is now closed as "no-one" and her best friend discovered when wanting a Mexican meal for a birthday get together

I love the lollipop, Licorice all-sort look of the verandah supports

outdoor seating in the sun, probably for smokers

or under cover. Just one more victim of the Covid closures.

Good news though, another Mexican Restaurant, Zapata's, is just a bit further down the street

another view of Zapata's from a different angle and across the street

a mural I spotted way up high when walking into the city along Pulteney Street

same mural, different angle, there doesn't seem to be a signature and I have no idea what it might represent.

In the city, in Rundle Mall, is this little side street, once called Lindes Lane and now renamed "No Fixed Address Lane" 

and what is this little sign right next to Rundle Place? (below ground level: a Coles supermarket, eateries and pharmacies; ground level: upmarket clothing and shoe stores)

it's the Hijinx Hotel! I wonder what kind of hi-jinks go on in there?

here we have the twins "driving" their pram to the shops with Ana concentrating quite hard while Gen has a more relaxed driving style. It's possible I have the girls mixed up.

doing makeup with Mummy

and loving every minute

though there is no product at all on their brushes.


  1. Very pretty balconies. I love No Fixed Address Lane - how fabulous it would be to have that address.
    I like the twins' 'barely there' approach to make up - very subtle.

    1. jabblog; I love those old fashioned balconies much more than I like the modern no frills styles. No Fixed Address is an interesting name. Barely there is the best for the twins, they are beautiful enough as they are.

  2. Heh, heh! Maybe the twins are "racing" each other. I predict a photo-finish tie. I like the lines and the splash of blue in that construction picture. And love the leaves. Fall is my favorite season.

    1. Val; I imagine Ana is doing the racing and Gen is just along for the ride. unless I have them mixed up. The blue in the construction picture is plastic insulation sheeting, or weather proofing, I'm not sure which. I like all the different colours in the fallen leaves.

  3. All the leaves are brown
    And the sky is grey
    I've been for a walk
    On a winter's day... :)

    1. hels; California Dreaming by The Mamas and The Papas.

  4. The baby in the pink looks focused! So cute.

  5. Love those balconies. And No Fixed Address Lane is a beauty. The twins are of course scene stealers.

    1. Elephant's Child; I really hope those balconies are still around in centuries to come. The twins are often stage front and centre.

  6. The first one has me curious. The studs don't look like they are metal, but grey wood? Or are they composite?

    1. Mike; the constructions are blue steel frame houses, much better than wood frames in this termite heavy area.

    2. Oops, not blue, this must be a different, cheaper brand. The blue steel I was thinking of is a definite unmistakeable blue.

  7. Viva Zapata! I love Mexican food...and once upon a time often prepared same!
    I remember seeing the movie, "Viva Zapata" when I was a kid. It starred Marlon Brando, along with Anthony Quinn.

    The two little drivers are enjoying life...having so much fun. :)

    I hope similar applies to you in the week ahead, River...take good care. My cuddles to lovely Lady Lola. :)

    1. Lee; I'm not a fan of Mexican food, something in their spice palate puts me off and I don't know what it is. The girls always have fun, they are rarely cranky unless they are over tired or just vaccinated. Lady Lola is hogging my bed now the weather is cooler, she is in there under the covers 23 hours a day.

  8. No Fixed Address Lane should have post boxes for the homeless to collect their mail.
    Both old buildings have terrific ironwork, quite intricate.
    I think Ana might saying bad words in her head about her fellow drivers.

    1. Andrew; I do wonder if that is where the homeless go to collect mail, perhaps someone collects it from the post office and takes it there daily.
      There are many baclonies in Melbourne Street but I think those two are the best.
      Ana doesn't yet know any bad words, she may be thinking "hurry up, I want to get there already!"

  9. I'd hate to be in charge of maintaining those balcony grills. I once walked into a building with shiny bright brass railings. I came across the man who was doing the polishing and complemented him. He just grunted and kept on.

    1. Joanne; I think thye probably have cleaners who do the job every few weeks or so. I remember cleaning the chrome railings between checkouts at the supermarket every morning right before store opening time.

  10. Thanks for the ride. I liked the buildings, the car (something different), the balconies, the licorice stand, the mexicans, the autumn trees.. Different place🌷🌼❤️🪻

    1. Katerinas blog; I believe the car is one of many that were racing in the streets recently. We have many very fine old buildings here.

  11. The wrought iron is certainly lovely and well cared for, good to see.
    All the photos are interesting and such a shame many places closed due to covid..The twins are cute as always R.

    1. Margaret D; Melbourne Street North Adelaide is our "Upmarket" area, so most buildings and trims are very well maintained. The twins are learning to "maintain" themselves with the makeup brushes.

  12. Interesting - I would like to know how the insulation goes into the new house and what it is made of?
    Tom just showed a project from the 1950´s like that!
    Clever idea but... what if there´s a fire? Metal, as I know it... oh, forget, my job eats me up ;-)
    But no... I´d like to know - after all our project, if we get it, is in your country!!! And the temps you get are not to play with! Interesting house... is like grill´d - I cannot reach them from Germany...

    Cool car, looks like Lego! Don´t think this was the owner´s aim ;-)
    Ow, seesh, Autumn. I hate that sight. And the grey sky. Please come over - we´re in Spring, blue sky, warming up, green...
    I admit! I had to scroll down. Mamas and Papas :-)
    Now I dream California!

    Henry has a hotel, nice!
    I LOVE Mexican food. What a bad day to find out they closed.
    There are still smokers?!

    You make me hungry with your post (so much for once being skinny ;-)...)
    The mural has more than one eye on you! ;-)
    I´m reading a paper book about a town called "Nameless" - well, it´s about a girl living there.

    Your girls grow up too fast, tell them off ... Kidding. But sad how quick they grow!
    LOL, I ONCE put on make-up. I was 19. My car dropped dead. I took that make up off and Dad gave me his car. I felt like a clown with it and it was decent only.
    Thank you for the memory!!! Big. Dad didn´t even see the make-up, I think! Oh, I miss him...

    1. Iris; I think that blue plastic is just weatherproofing in case it rains while the building is going on. It isn't just one big house, but a set of eleven two storey townhouses. insulation goes in once the outer walls are up, the insulation is in place before the inner walls are installed. There are many different types of insulation materials and I don't know what they are using there. The metal framing is completely covered by walls and ceilings and quite safe. Charwilder is the company that supplied the windows for the houses.
      I think the car might be one of the racing cars that were recently in Adelaide, low to the ground and built for speed.
      We have blue skies here again, even with winter coming on, grey skies are not so common.
      Yes, we still have smokers, many of them and I don't know how they can afford it, cigarettes here are so expensive, the cheapest brand pack with 15 ciggies is over $20 and the most expensive brand is about $50, I don't know how many ciggies are in that.
      The girls are growing fast, but they are not yet two, so still really babies.

  13. "California Dreaming" - Don't know the band, I'm sooo bad at naming bands, but the song started playing inside my head as soon as I read the words "All the leaves are brown".
    The wrought iron works are fabulous (what job - I hope your climate are kinder to these things than mine, where an annual brush off and repaint would be necessary for them to look like this) and the twins adorable as usual.
    Sad about restaurants closing. It seems thet it is always our favourites closing down, but maybe it just feels this way, because we do not notice how often those we do not frequent opens and closes down again?

    1. Charlotte; The Mamas and The Papas sang California Dreaming. It's in my head now too. The wrought iron works are painted and I am pretty sure under the paint is a rust-proof layer to help seal the metal against the weather. It does look like they are cleaned regularly and repainted as necessary.
      The restaurant was a victim of Covid, not enough people dining there or buying food to take home because of course we were in lockdown and couldn't go to places like that.

  14. I know the song! I wonder who Lindes was, and how he/she would feel about having the alley renamed -- and not even for another person!

    1. Steve Reed; at last! someone else who knows the song beside Hels a few comments above you. And Charlotte. I have no idea who Lindes was and I should find out I suppose. I shall ask Google.

    2. From Google: (I truly did not know this, shame on me)
      No Fixed Address is an Aboriginal Australian reggae rock group formed in 1979, and the first reggae rock group in Australia. They were also the first Aboriginal band to tour overseas and, in 2011, were inducted in the National Indigenous Music Awards Hall of Fame.
      No Fixed Address was led by Bart Willoughby together with Ricky Harrison, Les Graham, and John Miller; and former members Nicky Moffatt and Rick Lovegrove (deceased). They all met and formed at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM) at the University of Adelaide. Their 1982 album ‘From My Eyes’ was launched by the former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke.
      On 25 March 2021, the laneway formally known as Lindes Lane was officially renamed No Fixed Address Lane in honour of the band and their contribution to music, politics and culture. It is a central, easily accessible place to celebrate Aboriginal living culture.
      Wander the length of the laneway to take in the art mural depicting the band in their youth painted by artists Elizabeth Yanyi Close, Shane Mankitya Cook and Thomas Readett, which also features contemporary representations of the band's heritage, history and impact on the community and music scene.
      No Fixed Address Lane is part of Adelaide's City of Music Laneways project, which honours the city's greatest musicians in a trail for fans and tourists across the CBD, paying homage to the acts' roots and impact.
      (I still don't know who Lindes is or was and now I have to go back to the city and take photos of the mural in the lane.)

  15. I'm late but loving all your selections. Those wrought iron works are beautiful.

    It's fun to watch the baby girls imitating mama.


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