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Sunday, July 11, 2010

a hobby of mine

Is painting.
Painting furniture to be exact.
I love colour and since I live in a rented unit and can't paint walls, I paint furniture.
Like this secondhand chest of drawers and the new mirror I bought to sit on it.

This "ye olde" kitchen cabinet was snapped up at a garage sale for only $50, it was a pale beige colour.

We, (well, he) sanded for hours, some paint stripper was involved, then we chose colours. He wanted the whole thing done in pale blue. Ha Ha. Silly man. She who pays for the paint gets to choose the colours.

These colours are all represented in the floral pattern of my kitchen curtains, so I thought they'd look good. And they do. To me anyway. Everyone else who sees this cabinet says Hmmmm. Most of this was done with rollers, with a little hand painting around edges and on the knobs.

Below is the cabinet as it stands in my kitchen. I still love my colour choices even now, 5 years later. The three doors along the bottom of the cabinet are a lavender shade called "Captivated" by Dulux. I have a photo of that part but forgot to put it in here. If anybody really wants to see it, let me know and I'll post it.

Here, below, we see the finished chest of drawers and mirror. I like these strong colours in my bedroom, once again, I'm the only one who does. The trim on this looks blue in every photo, but it's actually a deep teal called Sea Change, by Dulux. The mini chest of drawers is the first piece I painted years before, while living in Semaphore.

The bookshelf and the other piece to the left of the drawers were odd pieces from other rooms that I painted to match. The bedside cabinets are the same colours, but in different combinations. Red top and sides, green (teal) drawer fronts, red knobs. The same gold trim. All hand painted, no spray cans involved. For me, it works, I love my room.


  1. They're certainly bright and cheerful!
    And who cares what other people say, they're your furniture, not anyone elses :)

  2. Doing up old furniture is hard work. You've done an excellent job. And I like bright colour, always have. Everyone likes it but few will admit it. Poor RH always tells the truth (except to the police).

  3. Jayne; that's exactly what I say to those who question my choices. They don't have to live with it.
    R.H. Truth? What be this truth you speak of?

  4. I love love LOVE the kitchen cabinets! Who wouldn't want to linger for another cuppa (and chocolate?) in that room!

    The bedroom cabinets are bright too - I'm guessing that you'd have a quilt cover with the same colours?