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Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog2Book.......good idea??

Now and again my dashboard page has a popup that says Blog2book. I'm curious about this, so I clicked the popup to read more about it.

I have an older sister who is mentally challenged (look at me being politically correct, ha ha), and she has never seen my blog. She doesn't even know I have one.

In the past she has been part of a program that has disabled people writing short stories that are then published in a small paperback novel. I have a copy of the book that has two of my sister's short stories in it. The photo on the cover of the book was also taken by her. Stories and photo are both very good.

So, I would like her to see my work, and I thought this blog book would be a nice way to show her.

I could choose several posts, have a book printed, and give it to my sister as a Christmas gift.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours, then a few more hours......oh, okay, most of the day, trawling though my posts selecting a couple of dozen that I thought would be suitable. I made a list.

What I need to know now, is have any of you done this?
How did it turn out?
Does the book look nice when it is printed?
Does the process take a long time?
Would I have to set things in motion now, to have the book in time to send it as a Christmas gift?

Did any of you who have done this blog2book, have any problems with the process?

I know I'm going to appreciate your input on this, so please, comment as much as you like.

Or I could buy her a set of bath towels.....


  1. I've seen it but haven't done anything about it. I have the whole first year of blog posts and comments printed out and the next two years are on disk. Then I tried just printing out the science posts and they're still on the floor beside me, waiting patiently for me to finish the job.

  2. Sorry, I've neither seen nor heard of it. But then I live in the technological dark ages. It sounds like a great idea, though.

    I still haven't finished transferring stuff over from my old blog to this one. I'm sure there's some fancy pants way to do that or a bit of software that could do it for me while I ate buttered crumpets instead, but I have been doing the medieval Copy-Paste-and-reupload-all-photos-one-entry-at-a-time method. I still have a years worth to go. If I had to print it out, I'd have to hire a scribe with a quill as that's about my level of computer competence.

  3. Please keep us posted with your findings. It sounds really interesting.
    Not, you understand that I have any immediate plans that way as I have only been blogging five minutes, just as part of the distant future.

  4. Interested to hear how it goes (sorry another who hasn't done it and NEVER will, I am pretty sure that I would rather pull my fingernails out via my colon than show my family my blog)

  5. I have often thought of it too since I hear some other bloggers saying "I looked through my old posts and all the pictures are gone." or something like that.

    I would like to do the Blog2Book as well, so really I think you are going to be the educator for everyone else on this one.

    Google it...I'm sure there are people out there who have done it and talked about it.

  6. JahTeh; I've never thought about putting them on disk. That's a good idea, then I'll still have them if the computer crashes.

    Marie; transfer all the files faster by downloading onto a flash drive, then uploading to the new location.

    Elephant's Child; if I decide to go ahead with it I'll certainly let you all know how it goes.

    Kelley; I don't plan on having the whle blog booked, just posts that might interest my sister, mostly photographic posts I'm thinking.

    Jennifer; once I make a decision either way, I'll be posting about it.

  7. Like you and the others, I've thought about it, but haven't done it... yet! I'm also going to be putting my family's photo albums into book form when I'm done scanning the old photos! I'm told Shutterfly is best for that, but Blog2Book may be easier to use if it's an existing blog.

    Now I have to go over and take a look!

  8. Sounds like a lovely idea for your sister, I'm sure she'd love it :)

  9. Jay; I've scanned 99% of my family photos and moved them to an external hard drive for safe keeping, I'm going to try putting them to disk as well, once I learn how. It shouldn't be any harder than burning a cd.

    Jayne; I'm hoping she will enjoy it.

  10. I've never heard of it, River and it's never popped up on my dashboard. That said, I think it'd make a lovely present for your sister.

  11. Kath; I think I'll go ahead with it and if the book doesn't turn out as good as I hope, I'll give her bath towels instead.

  12. I too have only heard of it...